Top 5 places to visit in India before you die

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India is a gifted land which has all natural beauties integrated in it and frankly speaking an Indian does not necessarily need to visit another country for the sake of enjoying natural beauty. India is self sufficient with deserts, mountains, sea beaches as far as natural beauties are concerned and with different arts, culture, tradition, practices, monuments, temples, forts as far as artificial beauties are concerned. We had a tough time in selecting 5 must visit places in India from the data base of plenty must visit places available. In this article our selected places are Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, Ajanta- Ellora and Mumbai.


Rajasthan surrounded by Madhya Pradesh in southeast, Gujarat in southwest, Haryana in northeast, Punjab in north and Pakistan in west is the largest state of India which includes Great Thar Desert. Cities like Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jaipur and Ranthambore will dissolve you to the culture and history of India. You will get to see lots of forts, palaces and temples here and there which are well preserved and maintained by the Indian government.

Rajasthan - INDIA AT A GLANCE[*Image is the property of this website]


Though Goa is the smallest Indian state as far as geographical boundaries are concerned it is the top tourist attraction of India. Goa located in the western coast is surrounded by Maharashtra in north, Arabian Sea in west and Karnataka in east as well as in south. Other than the lusty sea beach Goa is renowned for Night life. Goa is the Party Hub of India since night life in Goa is most matured than any other parts of the country and for the sea; whatever we say will come short of appreciation.

Goa - INDIA AT A GLANCE[*Image is the property of this website]


Kerala is really a god gifted state of the country as you will find here not only the sea beaches and other natural beauties but you can also check out the finer parts of livelihood such as martial art, dance, culture, yoga, tradition, ayurveda, health care and meditation. Backwaters and delicious sea food only increases the beauty of this part of India by making it one of the favorite spot for tourists.

Kerala - INDIA AT A GLANCE[Image Credit – Hari Menon, Flickr]

Ajanta and Ellora cave-

Ajanta and Ellora caves are located in Maharashtra state. The cave paintings and rock designs make these two places world famous by illustrating the degree of artistry and skill of ancient Indian craftsmen. All the caves are carved out of solid rock with little more than chisel and hammer with the Buddhism faith and inspiration. Most of the caves have exquisite detailed carvings on the entrances, walls and pillars. This place is a must visit place for every history and arts lovers.

Ajanta and Ellora cave - INDIA AT A GLANCE[Image Credit – Leonlagben, Flickr]


Mumbai is India’s most dynamic city which is home to many billionaire tycoons. The crowd and professionalism makes Mumbai a chaotic and contradictory city but however there is no other city like Mumbai in the whole world. The city is modern, yet traditional where you can enjoy calmness and rawness at once and some parts of the city also has historical backgrounds like Haji Ali Dargah and Madh fort.

Mumbai - INDIA AT A GLANCE[Image Credit – Partha Chowdhury, Flickr]

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