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The film Bajirao Mastani is very famous, isn’t it? Deepika and Ranveer singh have brought up the fire. It is earning a big amount. But is it just Deepika and Ranveer behind this success or also the story ? How many of you are aware of the real story of the great Baji Rao? Very few, right. Come let me take you to the flash back. The story is breath taking.

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History of Bajirao

So, the story starts in the state of Maharashtra. Bajirao’s real name was Bajirao Ballal Balaji Bhat. He was born on 18th August 1700. He served as a prime minster to the fourth Maratha Emperor Shahu, till his last breath. He is counted amongst the most loyal and brave people from our grand history. He was respected by all, and by respect people used to call him Singham, which means elder in Marathi and was popular by the nickname Rau.

Bajirao picture available at the Tomb of the of his son Shamsher Bahadur in Bharatpur @
Bajirao picture available at the Tomb of the of his son Shamsher Bahadur in Bharatpur
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He was leading his troops and has a major share in the spreading of the Maratha Empire and especially towards the north. He was the best of all the nine peshwas from the Bhat family. He was declared as a peshwa at the age of 20 by the Chattrapati. It is very clear that the emperor could recognize his talent very clearly and therefore he was appointed as a Prime minister after his father’s death. We definitely need such leaders in today’s time.

Battles and War

Being a warrior, he has fought a lot of battles. Few of them were in Delhi, Malwa, Aurangabad and many more. He was very skilled and had battle tactics which always helped him at some or the other point of time. He was famous for his rapid tactics in the battles. He has inherited his cavalry and skills from great Maratha generals. He was very well trained by them. One of his fights was against the Portuguese.

The Portuguese had violated an agreement to give the Marathas a site on Salsette Island for building a factory, and had been practicing religious intolerance against the Hindus in their territory. And then in 1737, the Peshwa dispatched a Maratha force led by Chimnaji against them. The Marathas captured the Thana fort and almost all of Bassein, after the battle of Vasai they also managed to gain control of Salsette, after a prolonged siege. However, the Marathas had to turn their attention away from the Portuguese due to Nader Shah’s invasion of the Mughal empire in the north.

How does BajiRao meet Mastani

Mastani was a dancing girl, and was skilled in riding and handling swords d and spears. She always accompanied Baji Rao. She was very good with music, and gave public performances during the Ganpati festival in the palace of the Peshwa. Baji Rao was very attached to Mastani. She dressed, talked and lived in Hindu fashion and looked after Bajirao’s comforts with the devotion of a wife. She also gave to a son of Baji Rao whose was named Krishnarao.

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No wonder that Bajirao’s infatuation for her grew with years and led him into meat-eating and wine-drinking so repugnant in a Brahman household. But a man of Bajirao’s type leading the life of a soldier could not retain the rigid rules of his Brahman caste, as he had to mix freely with all kinds of people. Bajirao then became a topic of public criticism and the priests were not prepared to officiate at the ceremonies if such a tainted person as he was present. When Bajirao was absent from Poona on a campaign towards the end of 1739, Mastani was suddenly seized and kept in confinement by Nanasaheb who was Bajirao’s son from his other wife, Kashibai, and Chimnaji Appa. This broke Bajirao’s heart completely that the world became all misery for him. He could not outrage society and public opinion by returning to Poona to rescue his beloved one by force.

Mastani Mahal

The love of Baji Rao and Mastani is a very well known love story. She was a women of legendary beauty and talent. This palace was built by baji rao for his beloved Mastani. This palace is at Khotrud near Pune city. This historical place was then dismantled by Late Dr. kelkar.

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Mastani’s photograph at the Tomb of the Shamsher Bahadur in Bharatpur
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The luxurious setting, colorful paintings, glittering chandeliers, ornately carved ceiling, splendid lamps and innumerable musical instruments all combine to capture a fascinating period in Indian history, and evoke all the dignity of Peshwa life. Mastani was definitely very lucky to have a lover like Bajirao, who had built such a beautiful palace in her love.

Death of Bajirao and Mastani

Our Maharashtra lost our great Maratha on 28th April 1740. It is said that he died of sudden fever or probably a heart attack. During that period of time he was en route Delhi with 100,000 troops under his command at his camp near the city of Indore. He was cremated at Raverkhedi on the river of Naramada.

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A painting depicting Mastani – at display in Aina Mahal in Bhuj


Mastani couldn’t bear Bajirao’s death. She died soon after the death of Bajirao. It is said that Mastani committed suicide after the death of his beloved, by drinking poison from a ring that she was wearing. A few people also say that she jumped into the funeral pyre of his husband and committed suicide. There is no paper or proof which can actually say that how did she die. However it is believed that she also died soon after the death of his husband. This shows their love. They might not be anymore but their love is still in the air. We would never see any such devoted lovers. The intensity of their love was on another level. Let’s hope to see such love in today’s world also.

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