7 Reasons to Visit India

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You’ve seen it in movies, read about it in books, and often thought about going there. But if the rich culture, unique food and vast history haven’t convinced you to visit India yet, here are seven more reasons why you should pack your bags and head to this wonderful South Asian nation.

1. The Country is Huge
India covers 3,287,590 square kilometers. To put that into context the country is almost ten times the size of Germany and Japan, almost thirteen times the size of Britain and a whopping 3286 times the size of Hong Kong.

The country is huge and because of this, there are also more places to see within it. You can go from the beaches of Goa to the arid deserts of Rajasthan before trekking up the snowcapped mountains of Ladakh. Every single one of the 29 states and 7 union territories in India offer something off-beat and wonderful. You can go from pristine sandy beaches to idyllic islands to dense forests all in a few hours of travel.

In terms of tourism the country is phenomenally diverse, and no matter what you are seeking from your travels, you can be sure to find it here.

2. It’s Great Value

If you are on a budget in Asia, you’ve come to the right place. There are only so many countries that offer you a tremendous bang for your buck.And although India isn’t the cheapest place to go to, it is most definitely a great value for your money.



Places like Mumbai and Delhi may be more expensive than other parts of the country, but are still relatively cheap for foreign travelers. A pint of beer may cost you around Rs.200 ($3 or £2) in Mumbai. You can stay at a dorm for close to Rs.500 ($7.8 or £5) in Goa.

The reason India is seen as a great backpacker’s destination is because of this extremely low cost of living. You can choose to live and travel more lavishly if you like, but if you are on a budget or simply enjoy pushing your money as far as it’ll go, this is surely the right place.

3. Hospitality Like Nowhere Else

“AthithiDevoBhava” is a common motto in India. It literally translates to “the guest is God” and most Indian families are very warm and welcoming to travelers and newcomers, seeing them as guests of the nation.

Because of this attitude towards guests, it’s best to pick out a homestay or B&B from Airbnb while visiting here. The superb hospitality of Indian families would convince you to never leave.

Kick back and relax for a few days in a shack in Goa, or a camping site in Leh. While staying, you can either visit one of the many local festivals happening throughout the year or watch a movie. There are a ton of English movies playing in cinemas in the bigger cities but this may be a little difficult in smaller towns. Consider using a VPN to access content from back home whenever you like, as many popular sites are not accessible while in India.

4. Spirituality

India is the birthplace of some of most well-known and popular religions in the world today. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism all originated here. The cultural experiences and the traditions most travelers come across in India are entirely unique in many ways. There are also a number of meditation and yoga retreats across the nation which cater to foreigners from around the world.



Many come to travel here and ‘find themselves’ in a way. The spas and inner peace seminars are very popular as well. India is firmly entrenched in the public conscience as a haven for spirituality. It’s one of the best reasons to visit.

5. Food

Being culturally diverse has meant that different regions in this massive country have developed their own cuisines, and many of them are absolutely delicious. The native recipes found in many parts of the country have found their way to a lot of different countries, and the best place to try them is often a metropolitan city where they all come together. You can find healthy, spicy and artful dishes on every street corner in Bangalore or Mumbai.

A lot of people in the country are strict vegetarians so it’s the best place to try unique and creative vegetarian dishes. Mughal influences, from the 16th century, and the British Raj have left the country with a number of meat dishes as well, which have been given a local spin. If you are a foodie, exploring the cities of India for new cuisines is an absolute delight.

6. History


This country has a rich and extremely vast history of ancient kingdoms and civilizations. Many experts consider India to be home to some of the oldest civilizations on the planet. Artifacts and architectural marvels are some of the relics of this ancient history, which is now on display to the public. A visit to the museum could have you exploring ancient texts dating back thousands of years or understanding the European and Middle Eastern influences that make present-day India what it is.

7. Shopping

Shopping could easily be the second most popular reason for travelling to India. Because of the cheap prices, many travelers find that they can shop much more in India than any other place in Asia. There is also a lot variety, since many towns and cities have massive marketplaces where you can find more things to buy than a supermarket in the developed world. All this at rock bottom prices.

Textiles, clothing and handicrafts all have regional influences and the aesthetics are very fascinating. After a little haggling (which is a must if you are a foreigner) you can get great deals on beautiful Sarees, carpets, perfumes and spices from a variety of different marketplaces. Cities like Jaipur even have fortified towns dedicated to such markets where you can buy almost everything the country has to offer.

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