Free Worksheets and Study Material for Preschool and Kindergarten

Posted by Priyanka Singh | Posted on August 9, 2016

If you are looking for free worksheets, eBooks and Study Material for your pre-primary or kindergarten kids then MegaWorkbook ( offers you a lot of high quality free content. The content at MegaWorkbook is designed with careful consideration of a child’s learning needs an age of 2-6 years. Parents often look for extra practice sheets in routine or during vacation. You can download, print and create customized workbooks for your children. Teachers too can use the website and distribute the material to their students.


Here are a few highlights of the content available for various age groups:


Preschoolers [ages: 2-3.5 years]:
At preschool, kids start alphabet and number recognition. Also they learn to get hold of crayons and pencil. You can offer coloring sheets to the kids at this age. MegaWorkbook has a lot of coloring sheets carefully designed to introduce outer world to the kids e.g., fruits, vegetables, animals, water creatures, trees, plants, musical instruments etc.


Also, parents can start with introduction to alphabets and letters. More emphasize should be on the recognition rather than tracing and writing at this age. Rainbow writing is a beautiful activity which can engage kids in understanding of alphabet/letter formation with some grip on the crayons. Introduce your child to the objects which start with each alphabet. Child at this age can very well count 3-5 objects.


Free Worksheets and Study Material for Preschool


Rainbow Letter Tracing:


Shapes and patterns can also be introduced at this age. Start with basic shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle etc.


Nursery and Kindergarten [ages: 3.5 – 6 years]:
As the kids start getting hold of pencil, they can learn sleeping/standing/slanting line patterns and curve tracing. Show them real world objects which have various shapes they are learning at this time. Let them identify the shapes in the real world.


Kids start learning alphabets (capital and small letters) and numbers by tracing and writing. It’s better for smaller kids to write in boxes, they can gradually start writing on lined sheets too.


Children learn number tracing and counting. They learn understand the number ordering and concept of less and more.


Free Worksheets and Study Material for Nursery


For the aptitude development of the kids at this age introduce them to the concept of classification by things that go along and the odd one out. Give them real world objects to sort and arrange.


After learning the alphabets and numbers, they can gradually move on to the 3-letter rhyming words as well as easy sight words. Start with rhyming words by introducing the sounds of each letter to your child for example, an (can, man, pan etc.), at (cat, mat, pat etc.). This would help in building their vocabulary.


Addition and Subtraction can be introduced at an age of 5-6. There are various methods to teach addition and subtraction to your kids: Using real world objects, with the use of fingers and using number lines. Subtraction can be a little tricky for the beginners. We have a few tips for the readers to help teach subtraction to their children – 4 Different Ways To Teach Subtraction To Your Child.


Free Worksheets and Study Material for Kindergarten


Also keep enhancing your child’s vocabulary. Spend quality time with them, read them stories. Spend some time daily with your children rewinding the day – asking the most wonderful things that happened that day and if there was something which bothered them. After all it’s your time and love which they need the most at every step of their learning.


Happy Learning!!!

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