Valentine’s Day Special: Cute and Unique Ways to Propose and Impress your Lover

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on February 13, 2019

Valentine week is on the air now. It’s that time of the year again, the time to celebrate Love. Everyone can feel charming environment and attractive whether now. Many of you are still planning to impress your girlfriend and boyfriend. If you are in deep love with someone, then these awesome ways will make your valentine’s day; one of the most memorable day of the life.


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Though you may be pampered by your special one all year round, take the occasion of Valentine Day as a chance to surprise him or her with something nice to express your love for him/her. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend too much money or time. Spending too much money or time does not mean that you love your partner. Spend some useful and memorable moments and spend money on some naughty gifts that will make your efforts worthwhile and it is enough to impress your partner.


But, how? Here are the tips; follow these and make this Valentine’s Day a successful day. These tips also will be helpful if your partner is upset with you and if you are facing some problems in your relationship.


Give Respect and Carefully listen all the talks of your special someone – One of the most important and mother of all the facts is give respect to your lover or crush. Always respect their feelings and also try to hear all the talks. Sometimes you think that your partner is talking like nonsense or in a childish way; whatever always try to listen all the talks. This will make your partner more familiar and more comfortable with you.


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Spend time with your special someone who cares for you – Valentine’s Day is all about caring for people you love. So forget the whole world for some time and spend this precious week with your loved ones. Don’t be over confident or less confident for him/her. Show that you really care for her/him. You can also try some other stuff to spend more and more time with your lover:

⇒ Long Drive
⇒ Lunch or Dinner in a Restaurant
⇒ Long Walk
⇒ Romantic Movie


Make your special someone Laugh Sometimes do crazy things in front of your lover or crush. If you can make anyone laugh then you can do anything. This is one of the most important tips to impress your partner.


Give a Precious gift not costlySometimes many people think that gifting a costly gift makes them more caring. No, this is not correct. Always use your heart not your mind before giving a gift to your special someone. One of the most important things to notice is that if your partner is asking for a costlier gift then he or she is not serious with you because true love is all about feelings not money. You can try some of these ideas like:

⇒ A Chocolate and a Red Rose
⇒ A handmade card and a Red Rose
⇒ A teddy bear and a Red Rose
⇒ A Bookey of Red Roses

You can add some amazing and effecting things with these gifts like a TIGHT HUG or a PASSIONATE KISS.


Let your Crush or Lover to know about your feelings: Now the climax has started. Never directly propose your special someone because it can make a bad impression and it can also spoil all your efforts. Always try to speak in indirectly way about your feelings. A card is the best way to express your feelings. Praise them for their achievements in professional as well as personal life.


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It’s time to propose (control your heartbeat): So here is the last and the most crucial step and everyone needs success in this. As I earlier told you don’t say directly. You can try some Shayari also to propose (seems crazy but still very effective) or you can also gift a ring too. If you have already proposed your partner many times; don’t worry propose one more time and try some new ways. Saying time after time “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” or “I LIKE YOU SO MUCH” is directly proportional to the positive energy in your relation.


Hope you guys will get success and I also wish you good luck. If you have a crush on a classmate or a colleague, take a chance by making a positive effort to stick around more with the person. If you feel a positive vibe, try your luck by asking out! But respect and back out if the person is not interested or has prior plans.


Always keep in mind that never make a relation just for a time pass. LOVE is a very pious thing; don’t waste it on someone who doesn’t respect you.

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