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INDIA (also called as Golden Bird and Aryavarta) is the land of diversity where you can see different types of religions, cultures and languages. There are many stunning places is available here which can make you feel like heaven. Here you will find rich culture patrimony and phantasm of beauty.


INDIA AT A GLANCE will explain you all the aspects in more detail. In our country you will find many peoples who strive very hard to make money and then here you will also find many peoples who are living their life in voluptuousness. Here you will find many cultures which are forward thinking and open to changes and here you will also find cultures which strongly hold to their roots. Here you will find many places which are rough and banjar and here you will also find many places which are filled with rich greenery and mind-blowing forests. That is why we always say that INDIA is great.


INDIA AT A GLANCE is our short endeavor to let you know about the grand history,  various cultures and splendid tourist places of INDIA. Here you can browse you favorite places along with the image gallery which will make you more clear about that place, along with the city map which will make you more comfortable,  along with the best food which will make you taste the exact culture of that place and along with the best time to visit so that you can plan your tour at the right time.


INDIA AT A GLANCE is the musing of some young guys who want to explore more about the eminence of our country, our motherland INDIA. Our country is one of the greatest countries in the world having momentousness in it. You can find many websites but we are something different because we make INDIA AT A GLANCE more users friendly. This is a bandstand where you can find more about our country.


Our major effort is to make the world friendlier with our motherland. We have many pictures of top tourist places of INDIA (credit goes to few nice websites). Team of INDIA AT A GLANCE beg your pardon if you found our pictures imitated from some other websites. We do not want to become famous but we want to show peoples that our country is more magnificent then they imagine. We want to increase the number of tourists in our motherland.


INDIA AT A GLANCE invites you to share your useful thoughts and suggestions. Please pay us a visit.