How to get page 1 rank in Google?

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Having a page 1 rank in Google is the pinnacle of business. Whether yours is a huge multinational company or a small firm, you would naturally want it at the top. In today’s ultra competitive world, you wouldn’t want your page to be on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page of Google.


There is a popular joke that asks,” Where should you bury something that you don’t want people to find?”


The answer: The 2nd page of Google.


Sure the joke might be a little lame and corny, but it does have an element of truth in it. Around 75% of people do not scroll past Google’s 1st page.


Every website, blog or business owner dreams of being at the top on Google rankings. The reasons are pretty simple: it means increased traffic to your site which leads to increased visibility and also the increase in sales to potentially catapult your business ahead of competition. Top rankings are the pinnacle of online business success.


When a person searches for something on Google and it’s from your niche, you want your website to be on top. While Google offers 5 pages of relevant searches. People hardly ever scroll past the 1st and so it’s the priority to be on the 1st page.


A good SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization is extremely important in getting a page 1 Google rank. While a good SEO may some take time to build up, but once it’s done, it will play a huge role in the rise of your site or business.


But then one question that you are bound to ask is,” Aren’t the other industrial bigwigs doing the same thing?”


While this question has an affirmative answer, you can’t be discouraged so easily. So, is it impossible to really do anything about it?


Well, I personally would say that no, it’s not the end of the world and you surely can do a lot about it. Just remember one thing, be patient, it will require time.


While I wish I could tell you there was a magic button, there really isn’t. It requires persistence, dedication and creativity. Below are some tips that I found useful in improving the SEO:


Know the Google Ranking Algorithm


Google Ranking Algorithm


While I could have directly started with the various strategies for improving SEO, I believe that first of all, you should be aware of how Google actually ranks these websites and businesses; it really is the base of what you are going to see further down in this article. This will ensure that you have long term success and are not dependent on anybody else.


While the inner workings of Google’s algorithm aren’t really out in the open and are unknown to the general public, industry experts have made quite significant speculations about its mechanism.


Google keeps making minor updates to this algorithm which is not announced to the public. But if there is any major update Google announce it to public. The best knowledge that we have about Google’s ranking algorithm are in the form of major algorithm updates like: Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Mobile – friendly update, etc.


So, now the big question is how do you keep track of these updates?


You can use various resources like Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History which is an awesome database that has the updates in chronological order. You can also use Google Webmaster Central and the Search Console too.


Link Building
One of the most important contributors to a good ranking on Google is links to your website, blog, etc. The more the number of backlinks to your site available on the internet, the higher will be the probability of you ranking high on the Google rankings.


The internet is a community, hence having backlinks ensures that more people know about your business and the more popular will be your business. A good way to achieve this link building can be guest posting, choosing a good site or blog to write for can be substantial in the growth of your business.


Give Importance to Meta Description
The content written beneath the links on the Google page is known as meta description. The meta description provides the user with a sneak peek into your website. This allows the user to gauge what your site is about. While most of the users simply skip the meta tag, it is very important in the site’s SEO.


The meta description can be either from your site’s content or manually written. While it has become more difficult to write a good meta description since Google has decreased the word limit from 300 to 160 words. The meta description should generally include a description of your site with a lot of keywords carefully integrated into the description




Keywords may be defined as the important words that the Google ranking algorithm looks for in a post, a blog or a website while ranking them. These keywords should be included in the website or blog carefully without overcrowding them and making them stick out.


All site rankings always include a set of the most trending keywords on Google. Search for these keywords and try to include them in your article title as well as in the URL. You can also include them in the links of the images included in your article.


Fresh Content
While the post or the article you write should be correct and descriptive, it might not always be sufficient to win over the audience, you also need to be innovative in your approach and offer the audience some fresh content.


You can also include images and YouTube videos in your articles, this increases your SERP (search engine results page) hits. YouTube and infographics are marketing strategies that can help to make your content viral. Use these graphics with your factually correct content to give the users a new experience. Try to use the links of your images to lead to your own website using ALT.


Hope these tips will help you to get ranking in google. If you have any question regarding SEO, kindly feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We would be happy to answer them. Or if you have any suggestion you can tell us that too.



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