How White Rooms Work for Increasing Home Value

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Investing in real estate is always a good idea, provided you have spare money. There are people who purchase a house or two for the purpose of investment. They either rent it out or sell it at a better price. While this may sound easy, there is a lot that one has to consider before purchasing a valuable asset like a house. And the value of the property remains the most significant factor that one considers before investing. You can protect yourself against numerous things. Damages or unexpected accidents, for instance. One of the most common mishaps to take place is a boiler breakdown. You can save a lot of money by choosing the best boiler cover deals in the market.




However, you cannot do much if the value of your home drops. Apart from the location, many other factors that decide the value of a house. The appearance of the rooms being one!


Here’s how you can increase the value of your home by incorporating the color white in different rooms.


White Kitchen
Whether it’s a modern or a traditional kitchen, white can alleviate the look of both. You can add the color white in your kitchen in numerous ways. The cupboards, for instance, can be painted in this color. Apart from giving your kitchen a bright look, these cupboards will pretty much go with any theme. You won’t have to worry much about the color of the gadgets and accessories that will go with white cupboards. Apart from this, you can opt for Carrara Marble that comes in a white color for your countertops. That is, in case the countertops are of any other color. You can even choose to paint the walls white. This will add a spacious feel to the kitchen. And increase the value of your home, of course.


White and the Metals- a Lethal Combination
White goes with almost all the metals. This includes copper, stainless steel, brass, and gold. This means that one does not have to worry about purchasing new home interiors. Because one of the major things that worry people is investing in new interiors that go with the theme of the new house. But if your house has white as the dominant theme, people will prefer it over others. From stainless steel appliances to brass lighting fixtures, everything can look good with white.


White and the Art Pieces Go Well Together
Another advantage of painting the walls white is that any type of artwork can look good on those walls. You do not have to compete with any color or piece of furniture while showcasing paintings on white walls. So, if you love artwork or are a fan of sculptures, the white background will highlight the pieces on display. And you won’t even have to make an effort to divert the attention of people towards your collection.


50 Tones of White
Tones of white as different shades of paint on the walls of the rooms give them a warm look. While the color alone may fail to give the room(s) an interesting look, working with patterns in hues of white can help. This technique works best for the bedrooms. In fact, you can paint your bedrooms white and opt for furniture in shades of white as well. It will not look bad. In fact, it will give your bedrooms a peaceful look. And people would show interest in purchasing your home because of the peace and calm that its rooms reflect.


Effortlessly Stunning
A white bedroom with romantic and soft lighting is a very stunning affair. Effortlessly stunning, as one may say. You would not have to do much when it comes to a white bedroom’s décor. You can add a white bed to it along with the furniture in the same color. However, brown or grey furniture would not look bad either. Apart from that, you can choose to put fairy lights on the walls. And you will see the magical vibes the room gives. That too without you having to put in the extra effort. Of course, the people interested in purchasing your home will note this too. And when they will see that the bedrooms require almost no effort when it comes to the décor, they will be convinced on sealing the deal with you.
However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind before you bathe your home in the color white.


Choosing the Right Shade of White
You might think that white does not have shades, but it does. And it is very important for you to pick the right shade of white for your rooms. For this, you will have to keep in mind the type of lighting in the room. The amount of light entering the room decides the warmness or the coolness of a room. Which, eventually decides the shade of white that you should pick.


Add Textures
Plain white can be boring. Therefore, break up a white room by incorporating textures wherever possible. You can choose from colored throw pillows or sofas with interesting textures. The goal is to give the rooms an interesting look.


With this, the unlimited benefits of white rooms and how to make them look more interesting comes to an end. However, there is one disadvantage of this color as well. Everything is very prominent on white. Therefore, if your child puts a tiny dot on the wall, it will be obvious. Or if a kitchen disaster like a boiler breakdown takes place, the ‘prints’ that it will leave on white walls will be obvious as well. Remember that a homecare cover will not cover for the damage caused to the walls or the surroundings. Therefore, where it might add value to a home, white color has its share of cons as well.



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