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Namaste everybody! Aren’t you all tired of your daily hectic schedule and the same boring routiene? Anyways, never mind. Vacations are on their way. I am very sure that all of you are looking forward to visit an exotic place this vacations. Are you all confused about which place to visit first? Let me help you then. I can find out the top 10 resorts in India. This will make your planning easier. You just need to contact the resort and book your space. As we all know, India is a where there will no shortage of places to visit. I have a list of 10 exotic resorts. Have a look at them and make your trip amazing.

1. Radisson Blu Resort – Let me start with one of the most beautiful and peaceful places of India. It is none other than our land of Tamil, Tamil Nadu. Its beauty and simplicity will attract every tourist. And its collection of flora and fauna is no less. One of the best resorts in India is the Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay.

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This is in Mamallapuram. This resort provides you a beautiful sight of palm trees rising from blue lagoons. It has a tiny delightful bridge, which adds to the beauty of this place. It has a soothing environment which will vanish all your worries and bring you in a holiday mood. You can also view the Shore temple from your balcony.

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Oh wait, how did I forget to mention about the beaches? The view of the beach is mind-blowing. This resort will also serve you the best cuisine of Tamil Nadu. If you don’t visit the Radisson Blue Resort then you are definitely missing on something.

2. Oberoi Cecil, Shimla
– Lets travel to Himachal Pradesh now. Who would not like to visit the snow? Why would anybody miss such a chance? Oberoi Cecil is one of the best resorts you can find in Himachal Pradesh. It is counted in the grant heritage of Shimla as it symbolizes the colonial history of Shimla.

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The interior of this resort is similar to the British era as it was made 100 years back. The visitors get back into the time of 70’s as they walk on wooden floor, feel the warmth of the fire and are surrounding by the British furniture.

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This resort also gives a beautiful view of the Mounties and valleys around it. The visitors can also enjoy a walk in the woods and a train ride. This resort provides many kinds of rooms like deluxe, luxurious etc. the view given by this resort will make the visitor feel pampered by the nature.

3. Ananda Spa Resort – So come on, now after Tamil Nadu and Shimla, lets go to Uttarakhand. It has earned a well deserved place in the top 10 resorts of India. Besides being a spa destination, it is also a leading center for yoga and meditation.

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If in the company of loved once, you would enjoy the tranquil ambience of the resort.This resort was once a residence of the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal and is now turned into a spiritual destination so that people from urban area can have a stress free life. The traditional Ayurvedic health regimes lets the visitors rediscover themselves. The guest can also participate in outdoor activities including nature walks, mountain tracks, and river rafting and wildlife safaris. It is one of the best resorts to enjoy nature.

4. Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa – Lets come to our very own Goa. This is located in Cansaulim. It covers an area of 45 acres. This resort resembles a Goan village.

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It gives a combination of comfort, style and favor. The combination is the best part as the visitor can enjoy every environment at the same time. Hayatt offers the best luxuries which and unwind and relax the visitors. It also has a spa which gives Ayurvedic and yogic therapies. So let’s not miss on Goa.

5. Vythiri resort – This is another beautiful resort to make a visit. It is basically situated in Wayanad, Kerala. It is covered with lush green tropical rainforest and beautiful hills on all the sides. Here you can seek nature as well as enjoy the modern day comforts.

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You can touch the cold breeze and kiss the midst’s settling on the ground. It is the best resort to experience nature. Here you can enjoy the combination of ancient ayurvedic and aroma therepies. So planning a vacation here would be a great idea.

6. Bonjour Bonheur Ocean Spray - Lets have a view back into the land of the Tamils. Our next best resort is located in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu. It has an extremely convenient location and is covers over an area of 23 acres.

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The area of 5 acres of the surrounding is covered by man-made lake. And it also provides recruites multilingual staff. The simplicity comes along with luxury. Visiting this resort once in a life time is necessary.

7. Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort – So this exotic resort is located in Kutch, Gujarat. It is a great holiday retreat and also offers a glimpse to the rich traditional Guajarati culture. It has mud houses and tents. This gives the feel of real Gujarat.

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Here the visitors will not only enjoy the cuisine and the climate but also meet the artisans who have mastered in different traditional talents and art. The visitors will be lost in the charm of he folk dancers and music artisans. The Gujarati cuisine served here will drive the visitors crazy. The colorful life of Kutch will fill colors in the life of the busy urbanians.

8. Lahari Resort – This resort has its own charm. Its furniture is ostentatious. It is located in Patancheru, Hyderabad. It provides maximum luxuries and is set up in a very natural environment.

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It magnifies its beauty with flowerbed and well maintained lawns along with paved sculptures. It has an international standard cricket stadium and a lot more activities like bowling, gokarting etc. lets not miss on this adventure.

9. Fortune Resort Bay Island – This is the best resort in Port Blair for people who want to have a blissful time and forget the hectic schedule of city life. The calming blue sea that you see from your balcony will put your heart at peace.

Fortune Resort Bay Island
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The guest can taste the delightful delicacies in the open-deck Malady. This resort offers a great variety of recreational facilities so that the guest can refresh themselves. They can explore the outing spots like Marine Park, Marine museum etc. they can also chill in them swimming pool within the resort. This resort will make the guests feel out of the world. This resort will definitely wave them with beautiful memories.

10. Wood House Beach Resort – Last but not the least. This resort is a fabulous place to stay. It is situated in Varkala, Kerala. This is located on the beautiful seashores where one can forget everything and go with the flow of life. This resort has wooden cottage style rooms and is enhanced with green beauty.

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They provide completely furnished villas, Ayurveda spa and herbal steam bath. The adventurous water sport at the Kovalam beach would be a cherry on the top. The guest would love the traditional and modern combination.

So come let’s explore the world. This will be an experience of finding beauty into the hidden places. Visiting these resorts will surely give you the needed break.

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