Travelling Alone in INDIA for Women is Safe or Not?

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on March 8, 2016

Well, this question comes to everyone’s mind now days. Before saying anything and before presenting any fact; I want to share some snapshots.

Message of China’s and Japan’s Government:  (China and Japan warn tourists to stay away)
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Warning message issued by UK Government to their women travelers

Women Waring message by
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After reading these messages every citizen of India will feel ashamed and you must feel shame if you are an Indian. Now the fact is every foreign traveller thinks that travelling in India is not safe; in fact Indian girls too.

To be frank I want to say that this is true. But who is responsible for this? I am responsible for this; you are responsible for this and every Indian is responsible for this.

According to a report; UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and China has already issued a warning letter for women travellers to not to travel in India.

Now we have to do something. Yes, we have to do something for the dignity and respect of our Country. If we try a little bit then we can easily make our country safe for women. Always remember that if any woman is travelling alone then it doesn’t mean that you have gotten a chance to rape her or to harass her. Please help her and make her feel safe because it is your responsibility.

Our culture and their cultures are different so always try to make a bridge between both cultures; never try to make a chasm. If she likes to wear any short cloth then it doesn’t mean that she is characterless. You should never judge anyone by his or her cloths.

Now here are some ways by which we can help a woman if she is alone:

  • - Don’t stare at her because continuously staring can make her feel uncomfortable.
  • - Only for some fun don’t comment anything bad about her.
  • - Don’t try to touch her with bad intention in a crowd area.
  • - And last but not the least RESPECT HER.

If these above points are followed by everyone then INDIA will become one of the safest places for woman. Hope soon our country will become safe again for woman. Due to some back to back Rape and Harassment incidents India’s image has become bad in front of the world but we have to change it for the sake of our country; for the sake of women.
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From ancient time we respect women and our country has always worshiped women but some sick minded peoples have spoiled it. Everyone in India is familiar with this Sanskrit line:

” यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः । “

Means, where women are worshiped, there the Gods rejoice.

So we must love and respect women.

Ankit Srivastava

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