How to treat fleas on your kids

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“Oh my god! Mommy helps me! Something bites me!” _ This situation seems to be not really strange, especially in the spring and summer, the advantageous weather conditions for the development of many harmful insects such as mosquitoes and fleas. Mostly, flea bites can be mistaken for mosquito ones. Take a closer look at your kids’ bitten areas. Mosquito bites are separated marks while flea spots appear in a row near the areas of arms and legs. Although for the most part, flea bites do not cause serious diseases, they lead to itchy, discomfort or even allergy. As soon as identifying flea bites, you should take measures.


Prevent children from scratching


Wash your kids’ bitten areas
Of course, when fleas suck human blood, they bring some potentially risky bacteria that can penetrate into the body. Therefore, it is the most essential to keep the infested areas clean all the times. For kids, their skins are so sensitive that you can’t apply any strong products. Make use of mild soap and give your kids a thorough bath.


Prevent children from scratching
Although stopping scratching is nearly out of question, because of the terrible feeling of itch and discomfort, you still need to limit them from doing like this at all costs. Scratching opens the bites, then nasty bacteria can go into their blood. Try to explain your kids the damage of this unconditioned reflex action, and they themselves will restrain abusing scratching.


Use a cold compact


Use a cold compact @indiaataglance


It is undeniable that the cold temperature can reduce itching and relieve swelling. Hence, why don’t you utilize the ice from your refrigerator? Pack some cubes of ice into a cloth and compress the kids’ bites. Remember that avoid applying ice directly on the skin as this might burn children’s skin.


Try Calamine lotion
Calamine lotion contains not only ingredients that can help to reduce itchin, but also antiseptic substances that can prevent being attacked by pesky parasites. Afterwards, for the best effects, you can combine with mild cream. However, in some cases, your kids can be allergic to these products, so pay attention to them during the process.


Use Aloe Vera


Use Aloe Vera @indiaataglance


According to many studies, aloe vera gel is illustrated to be friendly to most kinds of skin. Aloe vera is not only used in cosmetic industry, but it also is famous in pharmaceutical industry. Many natural creams are chosen instead of chemicals in order to soothe skin irritations. In addition, aloe vera can be easily grown right in your garden. Besides that, a natural treatment method will always be better than a chemical one, right? So, Whenever being bitten by insects, just enter your garden, take some aloe leaves, and rub directly to your bites.


Take advantage of tea bags
Don’t rush to throw used tea bags away, they have too many benefits that you don’t know, one of them is flea bite treatment. Put the tea bags, which were used into your fridge for a short period of time. Apply these cool tea bags to your bitten areas. Magic will come! Your inflammation will be diminished right away!


Make lemon juice


Make lemon juice @indiaataglance


Lemon juice is another outstanding natural flea treatment method for your kids. It is said that the pH level of the inflammatory skin can be normalized by the acidity of the lemon juice. Thanks to this, lemon juice is useful to ease your red, itchy skin.


Spend on baking soda
Baking soda, one of the most cost-effective methods to cure insect bites, is also recognized by many experts. Mix baking soda and a little water to a smooth paste. Directly rub it to bitten areas. Leave it aside at least 30 minutes, then wash in fresh water.


In conclusion, it is very important to treat flea bites, not only to ease irritation, but also to prevent other serious side effects. Even though there are a lot of ways to deal with flea bites, don’t forget that “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, you should treat your house and your animals first. There are many sources of useful information on the internet nowadays, you can refer to them and find out the most suitable flea treatment for yourself (check out this website for more information).



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