Can CBD Treat Asthma? CBD And Asthma

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on May 15, 2018

Due to CBD’s amazing therapeutic properties, it is said to treat more than 200 different diseases. In this post, we will be concentrating mainly on one cannabinoid, and it’s interaction with a respiratory condition – CBD and Asthma.


Cannabis has a wide range of medical application; it has been getting global attention for managing and treating diseases such as psychological disorder, seizures disorders and pain control management.


Before we jump more in-depth into the interaction between this particular cannabinoid and asthma, let’s first understand asthma on its own.


Can CBD Treat Asthma CBD And Asthma


What Is Asthma?


Asthma is a long-term health disease in the tubes that transport air into your lungs that can cause it difficult for you to breathe. These airways become so tight that air can’t move smoothly. It can cause severe breathlessness and wheezing which is known as asthma attacks.There is no remedy for this, but most of the people can control their symptoms.


In reality, what happens with the “tubes” is that they become painful and can start making mucus. This cuts off the air consumption and if severe enough can strip a person of air entirely.


In reality, what happens with the “tubes” is that they become painful and can start making mucus. Currently, there are specific treatments available which use inhalers or nebulizers. In the inhalers, you can usually find steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs.


What Are The Medical Properties Of CBD?


CBD has newly begun making a lot of noise in the field of the medical world. Even in several places, only CBD is allowed since it is non-psychoactive.


This cannabinoid has vast potential within the system of medicine including:


• CBD helps with Seizure Disorders
• CBD decreases Inflammation and Autoimmunity
• CBD has therapeutic potential for Schizophrenia
• CBD reduces pain and anxiety
• CBD fights Against Cancer
• CBD increases bone growth
• CBD reduces symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
• CBD protects against Neurodegenerative Diseases
• CBD lowers incidences of diabetes
• And much more


We understand a bit about what CBD can do for people let’s take a closer look at CBD and Asthma.


CBD And Asthma


Well, more research is required about CBD can help with Asthma or not. Still, there have been many studies carried on this topic. One study observed that when mice who have been served to affect signs of asthma took CBD, they had a more comfortable and smooth time breathing after took CBD.


This could very well be due to the robust anti-inflammatory abilities of CBD. Additionally, CBD is a neuro-controller, which may also assist in situations that trigger asthma in cases.The major problem with CBD is the absorption method. Since CBD is oil. Since CBD is oil, there are some problems with the administration.


As time grows, we’ll start to explain the mysteries of CBD. For now, while there is no final answer to the CBD and Asthma question, we do have visible evidence that it does help decrease symptoms in patients who have asthma.





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