Top 7 things to do when in Lucknow

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Lucknow is the city of nawabs that showcases the best and fascinating array of ancient architecture with most of the monuments dating back to British or Mughal rule. The city is well-known for an array of aspects that include poetry, embroidery, music, finance, pharmaceuticals, and technology. The exquisite royal richness of Lucknow will surely leave you mesmerized as you explore the nook and corners of the city. To make it the exploring part easy for you, we bring to you the list of things you can do when visiting Lucknow.




1-Take a long walk at Marine Drive:


Named after Mumbai’s favorite hangout spot, the Marine Drive at Lucknow holds equal popularity among the residents of the city. It stretches along the bank of River Gomti providing a great spot for youngsters as well as tourists to hang out while enjoying the pictorial beauty of the river. You can observe young and passionate music fanatics tuning their guitars to a soothing song while practicing their hobby along the riverbank. When at Lucknow, you can also have some fun at Amrapali water park in Lucknow which is famous for its rides to help you relax.


2-Admire the beauty of Bara and the Chota Imambara:


When you enter the premises of Bara Imambara, the feeling of being amidst the Mughal ruins brings out the royal essence of the place. This particular monument came into existence in the year 1784 that will surely amaze you with its exquisite beauty. Now the Chota Imambara is another Mughal masterpiece decked with white texture and green mosaic patterns that is located at 1.5 km distance from Bara Imambara.


3-Relax at Hazratganj:


Whenever you visit a new city, you will most surely find a great place to relax and chill. Hazratganj is one of the favorite markets in Lucknow which would help you shop, eat, or just meet your friends to spend some quality time. Make sure you have the famous “Paanch Paani k Batashe” which is golgappas served along with 5 different assorted water flavors.


4-Shop and eat at Chowk:


Like any other place, Lucknow too has its very own shopping destination located at Chowk. This place pulls a major faction of the crowd seeking affordable goodies along with tasty food. You can invest in obtaining things that define the cultural heritage of this city. From things like clothes to sheesha, you can get almost everything that describes royalty and elegance. Make sure you bring home the handcrafted lampshades, knifes, nagra shoes, chappals, and several other things that define the vivid cultural beauty of Lucknow.


5-Click a selfie at Lucknow Zoological Gardens:


If you are a fan of animal world and love to watch them, a visit to the Lucknow Zoological Gardens is a must. The zoo houses an array of animals and birds with an area occupying more than 71.6 acres. From Asiatic Elephant to Hoolock Gibbon, you can find wide variety of animals at this place. This place is idea for the families seeking adventure trip with fun ride in a toy train while watching the birds and animals.


6-Travel back to British Raj at Residency:


The Residency located in Lucknow was built way back in 1800s which went on to become the most remembered stage for some well-known dramatic events that took place in the British Raj leading all the way to the independence of India. Starting with the First War of Independence in 1857 this iconic place is witness to the 147-day siege by the British which took away the life of thousands of Indian freedom fighters. Currently, the place radiates the look of old ruins with beautiful gardens surrounding the area that take you away from the noisy streets to a moment in the past.


7-Eat the scrumptious Kebabs at Tunday Kababi:


When you are in Lucknow, don’t forget to taste the heavenly dishes found in the city that will simply leave you in awe of the perfect blend of spices that can be felt in your tongue for long. The Tunday Kababi is a clean and hospitable outlet located in Lucknow which is well known for serving different types of kebabs. The best thing about this place is the fact that it reflects the rustic past of Lucknow being more than 100-year-old property. Here you can find buffalo-beef based kebabs that are very affordable with hawkers calling you to taste their individual specialties. If you are in search for authentic Indian kebabs, make sure you ask for one at this place and enjoy it with some delicious chutney served on the side to complete the dish.


When in Lucknow, make sure you shop for the beautiful jewelries and clothes that reflect the perfect Indian tradition and make you dazzle with the beauty of a culture that is known for its welcoming hosts.



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