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Delhi being the National Capital of India attracts a lot of people from all over and the world. Each year, the papers print figures showing how the tourism in Delhi is at its boom. And quite honestly, I do not see any reason to not believe it. They are so many fun things to do in Delhi.


New Delhi has been the center of attention since ages! The Mughals wanted to rule over Delhi, the British wanted to have their capital in Delhi and every King that walked on India’s soil wanted to be the King of Delhi. Owing to the rich cultural, political and historical evolution that has happened in Delhi, the city is a very important landmark.




When you visit New Delhi, you can go and see all the centuries old monuments, the gardens, the planetariums or the museums that perfectly showcase our history, culture, beliefs, etc. Apart from this, there are a lot of other fun things to do in Delhi. This article focuses on how you can do all the fun things in Delhi and not get bored during the vacations –


1. Take a walk in Naughara – old Delhi and its surrounding areas are said to be notoriously crowded. If you visit places like Chandani Chowk, be prepared to get pushed and shoved. However, there is this small area called Kinari Bazaar, which is very well-managed as compared to the other places. Just off this Bazaar is a small lane that will take you to this very colourful and peaceful area called Naughara. This place has several Kothis and Havelis which were built in the 18th century. Your visit here will take you back in time. It is like a small hamlet. While you are here, do not forget to visit the Jain Mandir that is made of pure marble.


2. Visit the Haunted places in Delhi – if you believe that ghosts exist or, if you want to debunk the ghost stories there are a few places in Delhi that have spine-chilling stories associated with them. These are the places that are best visited in big groups. If you want some thrill, visit – Sanjay Van, Lothian Cemetery, Agrasen ki Baoli, Firoz Shah Kotla Fort, Khooni Darwaza, Haunted Tree of Dwarka Sector 9, Delhi Ridge Area and the Delhi cantonment.


3. Changing of Guard – much like the super hyped changing of guard ceremony at the Buckingham Palace, we have our very own ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, i.e., the President’s Official Residence. On every Saturday morning, on the forecourt of the residence, the ceremony takes place. The equestrian display by the horsemen in the ceremonial regalia is conducted with grace and lots of enthusiasm. It usually starts on 8am during the summers and the entry is through gate 2, free of cost. The forecourt has seating arrangements for about 200 guests and it is on first come, first serve basis. You will need a proper identification proof to gain entry.


4. Champa Gali – a new, cool place to hangout for all the young hippies in town! The Champa Gali is a new addition to the list of “go-to” places in Delhi. This place has several cafes, design studios and even boutiques. The special touch to this place is that it has been built keeping in mind the Bohemian culture. It is quite close to Saket, South Delhi and is easily accessible by the Metro as well.


5. Learn pottery at Kumhar Gram – a small village near the Tihar Jail is famous for its art of pottery. This entire village thrives only on one occupation that is pottery. On the entry itself, you will notice that almost each house has a small shed and is selling pots or other goods made from clay. The village has a central market where they sell all their goods at reasonable prices. You may however bargain with them if you feel that the price they are quoting is very high.


6. Have lunch at Tihar Jail – so this was a new concept which was started by the government in 2014. The inmates of Tihar Jail are allowed to manage an eatery for the outsiders and a small shops where they can sell the things they have made inside the Jail. This was done to give the inmates a chance to learn more about hospitality and be gainfully employed. The cafeteria is open from 11am till 9pm and serves proper meals.


7. Kingdom of Dreams – this place is located on Gurugram borders and is magical. The Kingdom of Dreams has special perfomances and programs every evening for the guests. They showcase performances on art, culture, craft, various cuisines, Indian heritage and lost more in a very dreamy setting. They also have a comedy show and a Bollywood theatre for various shows. The food area is called the Culture Gully which serves delicious food from all over the country.


8. Qawwali at Nizamuddin Dargah – another thing that you can experience only in Delhi is the sufi music. At the Nizamuddin Dargah, every evening the popular music is played and poetry is performed. However, the programs on Thursday are the best and most elaborate. If you have the time to visit only one shrine, visit this one. You will have to remove your shoes and cover your head when entering the Dargah. Women can also go inside but, they are not allowed in the main shrine.


9. See Delhi on a Cycle – now this is something that can be done during the winters only. You take a cycle and choose the area you would like to see. You can choose all the monuments like Red Fort, India Gate and the ones around them and cycle your way to them. It will be a good way to experience the city. If you get tired, sit down for some authentic chai at one of the stalls.




10. Shop at Sarojini Nagar – so this will be one of its kind experiences for people who do not shop from the streets and an overwhelming one for the street shopping lovers. The Sarojini Nagar area in Delhi houses one of the biggest markets possible. The hundreds of stalls sell everything – shoes, clothes, jewelry, bags, accessories, sunglasses, hats, scarves and much more! Here you will find first copies, export rejects, surplus goods and just random clothes imported from China or other countries. The prices are very reasonable, however, you must bargain and whatever you buy should be 50% of the price the shopkeeper quoted.


I hope this list of fun things to do in Delhi helps you find new places and enjoy!



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