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Uber is an American online transportation network company which is working throughout worldwide. This organization supports the customers in various aspects while traveling for having entertainment or for any other purpose. It is working with the information on different travel apps according to the application of the user.


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The mobile applications are supporting the consumers who are all having planned to travel in Uber. Those apps which are related to having a voyage through Uber provide the complete information about the route. We can access this service anywhere at any time and it reveals the external ideas to the user. The app can be available on the handheld devices like Smart Phone.


Existed app for Uber
There are so many applications are available to travel in Uber and it has the unique specifications and features than other apps. These apps could be modified or implemented depends upon the need of the user. Those are as follows


Lyft app is one of the top most competitors which are ruled by the organization of Uber. If we select the cab through this app we can get the proper details about the driver license. I.e. we can check whether the driver is qualified to drive or not like this and it leads to the satisfied traveling.


This app is UK based trip out service to the people around the world. It has only the black cabs with certified residential brokers and this app contains the map route of five different countries. A modernistic rule has introduced the electronic payment systems for the consumers as an instant payment.


Grab taxi
Grab taxi is a very useful mobile app for making a travel plan around the Southeast Asia. Up to now, 3.8 million people have downloaded this app for the purpose of utilizing. This app will provide 75 thousand drivers to travel around the 21 different cities and 6 countries.


Easy taxi
40 thousand taxi drivers are available through this app for making a safe journey to the app user. This is the only app where we can register our details and book the tickets very easily to travel around the world. This app can be synchronized with some of the social media like Facebook and it has a facility of refundable coupons and vouchers.


Didi dache
Uber service has to rule upon different countries and china is one the countries for the Uber. Didi cache is an app to make travel around three hundred cities across China. This application has the records of 3 million trips in worldwide and it implemented its features because of the competition of another app like Kuaidi dache.


Gett is an application of Uber service which can be accessed on the handheld devices. A Headquarter of this service places in the United States of America. It has a possibility to book the tickets through NYC (New York City) registrations.


Most of the travel applications are modified gradually depending upon the thought to make the customer’s satisfaction. It is available in Paris and wherever the place we can get a taxi service within 7 minutes through this application. Actually, in the antique days Uber is banned in the France, but nowadays this app has 70 thousand active users throughout the France.


Cabify application is available in Android or the internet operating system with unique features. Advance booking also available through this application to book the tickets for someone else. It provides the trip around Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Columbia etc.


In this application, the payment of travel expenditure should be paid through the credit card. It supports the customers with 35 thousand drivers and it is available in the country of Istanbul. In the current world, this application increases the reliability of the app and convenience of the user.


Go catch
This Uber service is available in Australia and this service has the feature of accessing the contact details of the every user. It is a mandatory process to check the customer’s presence in the taxi and it could be the efficient way to travel for speculators.


Ingogo is a special application to make a travel by the transportation service of Uber. It has a facility of online payment or payment by the credit card and it can ride over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia. Before 48 hours of traveling, we can book the ticket by using this application.


These are the application which was accessed by the user in the antique days of the mobile communication. But, nowadays it has changed a lot as per the customer’s benefit by integrating and synchronizing the features. Especially the recent applications of Uber have been added up with more features like Snap chat filters and friend locators. Now we can have a clear view about those as follows,


What is snapping chat filters?
Snap chat filter is an advanced application of Uber and snaps chat is a feature of mobile to get the image of the particular thing. Let us know about the working of snap chat! We should turn the camera on the mobile system up to have a clear view of the object. The system can capture the image of the object and it will be very useful for the security purpose in the service of Uber.


What are friend locators?
This is a number tracking app on the android mobile system and this friend locator is available on Google play. By using this application, we can find the exact place of the particular member. The main reason behind this app contains the specifications of GSM (Global system for Mobile communication). Friend locator app is recently added as the special application of Uber to have a secure transportation system.


Disclosure about these apps
By using these apps, we can have a number of benefits in mutual and it provides a push notification to the user for getting proper details about the travel. We can rescue the passenger by using the app of snap chat and there will be a notification from the passenger.


To prevent the issues on Uber, it has made the addition of these to an app with this service. Snap chat filters and friend locators are the safety measures to prevent the issues while traveling on Uber. It will not display any information about the user to the external members.


Happy trips with Uber
The Uber have modified with some more mobile applications to expand their service in worldwide. Most of the people prefer traveling to get some relaxation on their mind. Tension free travel leads to the happy trip and it is achieved only by the mobile applications with best features.


Finally, the Uber have introduced snap chat and friend locating feature for the safest travel to the passenger. In the forthcoming generation, this specification will change a lot depends upon the customer’s need. According to the current survey, the people prefer the mobile apps to book the tickets mostly. If it is too advanced one, we can’t move away from this Uber service and all facilities are available in this service to have a trip towards the happy.



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