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Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on January 28, 2017

As the gaming world is increasing day by day several new trends are becoming the part of this gaming world.  Now companies are including the parkour trend in their game so that they can explore their gaming market in the right ways.  There are several companies which are introducing the simple game with some easily features whereas some of the companies increase their game quality with the parkour and make their game known to be the parkour games. Parkous related with the running or jumping activities in a game. The parkous activities make games more interesting just because of that companies are using this quality in their games.


It is really fun to perform such type of challenging parkous in the game. They sound interesting but not at all easy. In this game players love to mimic the steps in different ways. In this game they have to move from one city to another city without having any kind of limitation. Many of the people love to play this types of game so for that we are going to show you some of games in which you will find the parkous moves which make the game more interesting.


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In this game you will find motivation and entertainment both without any difficulty. So feel the excitement with these games like:


Mirror’s edge


It is one of the adventures games for the runners. The full platform of this game is based on 3- dimension style. It is based under a society which is named as a Quasi- Futuristic Dystopian, it’s an urban environment.  The whole story on this game based on a girl named “Faith Connors”. She supports to a group which stands against the government and she supplies war supplement to them without coming under the government eyes.


The graphics and the other features of this game are really interesting. You can even observe the textures of this game easily when you play this game. They based on all amazing quality of things. In this game you can do several activities like shimming across to the ledges, tumbling, and sliding under several barriers etc. these features make this game more exciting for the people who love to play the game.


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This game is based on an imaginary character named as ‘Alex Mercer’. In this game he lost his memory, they he comes between the quarrel of the two forces that is USA Military and the other one is the Blackwatch.  In the further game the Alex try to regain his memory back in this entire story. He also try to stop a deadly virus which turns humans in to monster in this game.  This game is fully graphic with all best terms and also style in an enthralling manner.  In the further game a person help him in regaining his memory back and also provide him some of the special power that help him in fighting with the enemies in the game.


In these two games you will find there are several jumping activities that turns this game in to the running games that player love to play.



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