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Posted by Sachin Nayi | Posted on January 22, 2017

The search for the best Google Play store alternative has been on the rise recently. Forums, developers, and especially users have been writing and sharing their views on the need for a genuine and authentic play store alternative. In this write-up, we have covered the aspects where Google Play store lacks and the best alternative marketplaces and e-stores to download apps. Google Play store has been there as an integral part of Android since the latter’s inception. It comes pre-installed in all smartphones that run Android. Although it is a verified source by Google to download any app, there are many Play store alternatives which have started giving it an intense competition, mainly due to some of the features that Google continues to oversee in its Play store.


Here are the top 3 reasons:


You cannot download an app file for any app


With each passing day, internet users on mobile have been becoming more and more conscious about the amount of data they use on their Smartphone. There are geographies where the cost of an internet data pack is very high (In India, you pay up to $4 for 1 GB of internet data) Users prefer to save app files, rather than reinstalling the app and wasting the data again and again. Sadly, Google does not give you an option for the same. There are many Play Store Alternatives which allow you to download a virus free and genuine app that you want.


You have to pay for some of the best apps


Limited features in the free version and complete features in the paid/premium version has been a trend for many apps on the Google Play store. The trial version of an app will have limited features while all (and most important) features are only available once you pay a premium amount and purchase the app. Again, almost every Google Play store Alternative is offering apps for free, irrespective of their price and status on the Google store.


Geographical Limitations


Trivial things like these make a lot of users search for the best Google Play store alternative. We all want to be updated with all the latest apps and updates along with the world. In many instances, Google Play store allows the download of apps based on the Geography. A very recent example came in the form of Pokemon GO. While the app redefined virality within a week of its launch with more than a million downloads, it was and still is not available to download in India. Even the staunchest supporters had no issues searching for genuine Google Play store alternatives as long as they got the app to install the game.


While these were the major three reasons, there are many other misses are evident on the part of the Google Play store like Less precise search mechanisms while filtering an app from many with the same/close to same names, no notification when an app from the wish-list goes for sale, no rollback option, etc.


How safe are Google Play store Alternatives


No doubt that the Google Play store is the most secure platform when it comes to downloading apps. With increasing popularity, a lot of Playstore alternatives have started running the same checks. So all these options are completely safe to download apps(we can vouch for the ones we mention in this article)


Before you start downloading apps, go to the Settings > Security and tick unknown sources. Ticking this will enable the permissions to download apps from any other source other than the Play store. Now that you are all set to roll, here are the best Google Play store alternatives.






With more than 660,000 apps and 2.7 billion installs, Aptoide is the second most used and preferred play store alternative out there. There are many benefits of using it. First and foremost, you can find all the premium apps from Google Play store for free on the Aptoide play store.Secondly, you can download the app from the marketplace and thirdly there are no Geographical restrictions. Although the market is virus free, to be 100% sure, always download apps that have a green shield and a check mark on them. This means that they have been scanned and are free of any virus whatsoever.


Amazon Appstore for Android


Amazon Appstore


This app store is a default app download location for the Kindle tablets by Amazon. Although the no. of apps are very limited compared to the Google play store or aptoide, every app on Amazon appstore passes a strict quality control standard. The catch here is the free app of the day promotion where users can download premium apps for free. The test drive feature is also a great option where a user can test run an app in the browser before buying it.






GetJar is a Playstore alternative with a no. of free apps to download from. As it has emerged as a user based and cross platform appstore, you get a lot of support regarding like, dislikes and Facebook support. The apps here are categorically divided like the Google playstore and can be downloaded from either GetJar websites or by installing the Getjar app store app on your smartphone.






This is an “intelligent” PlayStore alternative. This app store claims to have an intelligent recommendation system which suggests the best apps based on the preferences of a user. It indeed looks classy, suave and has a file manager feature to organize downloads of images, videos, music files and more. The desktop app makes it easy to manage files between smartphones/tablets and your desktop, has clear navigation and allows to use a backup feature.


While these are the best Google Playstore alternatives that we have come across, do let us know in the comments section if we have missed any worthy playstore alternative. We would love to edit the post and add it to the list.


Another thing is apps like Freedom apk , oG YouTube , showbox are not available at any app store.



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