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Posted by Digvijay Singh | Posted on January 22, 2017

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Aptoide is one of the biggest Android marketplaces after Google play store in the world. In past 4 years it has gained a lot of popularity in the Android market. Now it is available in almost 17 languages and that is a huge step towards gaining a huge amount of users. Actually it an Android app store where you get thousands of apps that too for free.


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The biggest disadvantage of using Google play store is that most of the apps are not free in Google. So, to overcome this situation you can use Aptoide app store because all the apps are available for free in Aptoide.


Aptoide app is not available on your Google play store so you have to download the APK version of this app from your browser. This is a third party app that’s way Google does not allow these apps on its own play store. But Aptoide is totally safe you can check more information of this app on their official website. Android platform is one of the free to use platform for the developers. So, the developers of Aptoide also took advantage of this thing and launched their own app store which turned out to be the biggest hit for them. Through Aptoide you can download all the apps for free that too in low size. So, this will also save your lot of internet.


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So, following are the some steps to download the Aptoide on you smartphone:


  •    →   So, first of all you have to go to your settings and from there you have to allow the external applications to be installed on your device because as I have mentioned earlier Google doesn’t allow external apps on your devices.
  •    →   Next move to your web browser and type Aptoide download then click on the very first link in Google and from there start the downloading process.
  •    →   After downloading go to your downloading section area and click on Aptoide apk file, the installation process will be started.


So, guys this is how you can download and install Aptoide apk file on your device. This is almost similar to the installation process of other apps. You can download thousands of apps for free. You can also use the premium feature available on Aptoide app where you’ll get many benefits from Aptoide.


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Following are the some great features on this App store:


  •    →   The very first feature of this app is that it is only of 5 Mb and the apps available on this app stores are available for low size MB’s.
  •    →   Second most important feature of this app is that the apps available on this play store are free of cost.
  •    →   Third feature is a very interesting feature that App is now available for all types of platforms like Android, IOS and even for now windows also.
  •    →   It keeps you up to date with the updating of your apps.
  •    →   There are categories available on Aptoide for every app so it’s easy to search for any app.
  •    →   There is also a comment and critics section available on Aptoide.
  •    →   It has a collection of over 300K applications and games. SO, you can choose a variety of apps from this app store.
  •    →   This app is available for every device like laptop, smartphones, tablets and many more.


So, these were some amazing features from Aptoide app store. I hope that after reading this post you’ll surely go for this app. This app is becoming very popular day by day and is world’s second largest app store after Google play store. So, you can imagine how popular this app store is. So, guys go fast and start downloading your new App store for your devices.


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