10 Local SEO Tips Your Competitors Are Neglecting

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on February 15, 2019


To be successful in business ventures, everyone wants that extra edge. Every business wants to do what their competitors are missing out. How can you get this edge in digital marketing?


Here’s a list of 10 SEO tips that are being neglected by your local competitors, as per a top SEO company in Mumbai-


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Using Appropriate Title and Description
When you rank in search results, there’s only a brief space for you to pass on the vital business message to the audience. You need to make sure that the title and description appropriately portray the nature of your business. Remember to eliminate any generic term on your website that is not uniquely distinguishable.


You need to get your business cited on aggregate business data sites. The idea is to be known across the cyberspace. This can help you reach the top of SERPs. Citations are the listing of your business name, location, and phone number. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer, you would want to be listed on WedMeGood, Urbanclap, or WeddingWire, or Justdial. These listings will increase your visibility.


Get “Google My Business” Page
The Google My Business page is a directory that displays vital business information such as the name, address, phone number and even images. To get verified by Google as a business, you will have to verify yourself via email. Once verified, you can fill in important business-related information like operational hours, categories, description and other vital info.


You must pay equal weight to all search engines for availing a verified business page. The popular search engine Bing too has a similar page like “Google My Business”. It is called Bing Places for Business. You need to make sure that you are listed here too!


Don’t Neglect Reviews
You need to have social proof that your business is providing good services/products to the customers. These social proofs are often in the form of reviews/testimonials. You can humbly ask your customers to drop feedback or a review of the services availed. These reviews will definitely attract more customers.


Schema Markup
Using the Schema markup gives search engines a little more information about what your business is about. You will need professional assistance for using a markup from an SEO expert, given the technical nature of it.


Local Digital PR
You can get local news mentions or coverage for your business. These local news websites or blogs enhance link-backs to your website. These quality links will enhance the ranking of your website.


More Local Backlinks
You can find new customers from other non-competing local businesses. There may be plenty of them who have a surprisingly good audience base. You can approach these websites with a Quid Pro Quo offer. This way, both businesses can benefit from each other.


Enhance the Dwell Time on Your Website
Did you know about the new Google algorithm RankBrain? This algorithm measures the dwell time of users on your website. The more time users are spending on your website, the better would be the ranking. Hence, you should focus on creating interactive and engaging content on your website for the users to stay longer on the website.


Optimize for Voice-Based Search
With the advent of conversational UIs like Alexa and SIRI, people have changed the way they seek information. Instead of typing out the search query, people are giving voice commands. You need to optimize your business for these voice commands too, especially so in 2019.


Keyword Research
Most of the businesses are already doing keyword research and utilizing them. How can you optimize it? You can make use of the long tail keywords. These are longer than the traditional keywords and more effective for boosting ranks too.


For instance, if you are a new wedding photographer, it is highly unlikely that you rank top for the keyword “Wedding Photographer” since the search volume and the competition (CPC) will be very high. You can go for long tail keywords such as “Pre-wedding photographers in Mumbai”, “Marriage Photographer Mumbai” or “Cheap wedding photographers in Mumbai”.


You can hire the top digital marketing agency in Mumbai for these services. To get an edge over your competitors, you must be able to do competitor analysis.



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