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So, finally we are at the end of 2015. This year definitely thought us a lot like all the other years. New years are always like magic. We suddenly step into a whole new year. We forget the past, memories, and are all ready for a bunch of new experiences. New years are a way of saying a goodbye to the year that is gone and warmly welcoming another good Year. We forgive and forget at this occasion, believing that there is a lot more to come. The celebration is grand obviously. As New Year is near, we are all set with our party plans.



New Year in India

Actually India has many dates on which it celebrates New Year. This is because of the multi culture. As we know there are a lot of religions in India and all have their different dates on which they celebrate their New Year. But normally even the majority of India follows the Roman New Year. According to the Roman New Year 1st January is celebrated as the New Year every year. Every single person enjoys the New Years to the core.

New Year comes as soon as we end Christmas. It’s like we just got out of one celebration and here we get into another. The mood continues. The party mood, the mood of welcoming new experiences and waving off a year with good memories is all what New Year is about. Dance, food, music, all this is the integral part of India’s New Year celebration.

People exchange gifts, sweets and other goodies and express their love. And our television doesn’t fail on entertaining people who cannot go out and enjoy. They keep on showing some or the other entertaining show. Especially, the award shows with all the popular film and television stars. All this is continuously covered by media. People living far from their families get a chance to visit them and start their new year with them. Nobody wants to miss this occasion. All of them are indulged into enjoyment. Party halls are booked, clubs are flowing, and delicious food is rolling everywhere.


Real Night Life

31st eve is the time when you get to see the real night life. Everybody is enjoying the end of their year. No worries and no concerns. All they care about is ending their year on a happy note. They meet up their friends, make plans with their family and everything that they wanted to do in the whole year but couldn’t get time. You would see all the clubs overflowing. The dance, fun, food, all this is completely on another level. Every single person parties and removes the stress out.

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Bidding of the year

Saying good bye to a year is actually depressing, as you leave behind a lot of memories, but if it is done correctly than can even make the year worth. We Indians have this very good habit of always ending things at a good note. People don’t hold any grudges or harsh feelings for anyone on this day. Even enemies are wished luck for starting a whole new year. We believe in ending the year with good memories, so that there is no negativity in the New Year. One should always start a fresh new year with complete positivity.


Finally the New Year arrives

After all the fun had on the 31st eve, finally we enter into the New Year. Starting the day with good vibes, we believe in visiting our religious places and taking the blessings of our elder ones. There are trends of taking New Year resolutions. We promise ourselves to bring a kind of positive change in ourselves in this new coming year. The New Year welcomes us with new experiences, challenges and excitement. As we keep on entering the New Year, it is always better than the previous one. This is because we always learn something in the previous year, and try making the New Year better with those experiences.

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So let’s hope that now we end 2015 at a very good and a positive note. And let’s welcome 2016 with a grand celebration. Let’s be positive about the upcoming year. Prepare ourselves for the new challenges and make sure that the coming New Year is much better than the current year. Here is wish you all a very happy new year. Goodbye 2015. Welcome 2016.



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