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As we all know, Christmas celebrated all over the globe in the memory of Jesus Christ. It is believed that 25th December is the birthday of Jesus Christ and that is the reason why we celebrate Christmas on 25th December. Previously Christmas was celebrated only by Christians and that too mostly out of India. But now it has changed. Since a few decades we have noticed that Christmas is celebrated in India too with great enthusiasm. Population of Christians in India has increased in a good number. We are thought from that childhood that India is a land of multi cultures. We all celebrate Diwali, Holi, Eid etc together as if the whole country is a family. Similarly we celebrate Christmas. Especially the kids, as they are always excited for the Christmas break and our very jolly Santa Claus.



Making Christmas Bright

In India the word “festival” is the synonym of enthusiasm and energy. India is a land of festivals. And the common thing that is spotted in every festival celebrated here are the lights and colors. Be it any celebration or festival, we Indians never forgets to glitter our country. Same is done for Christmas. The churches start planning their masses and the celebration. Churches at the night look so good with all those lights dangling on it and the glittering stars hanging. There is this beautiful tradition of putting up Christmas trees. All the families do this, even the non- catholics. It is decorated beautifully. Glittering stars and balls are scattered all over the tree. India lacks in providing snow, but we don’t even skip on imitating snow by making cotton balls and placing them on the tree. The Christmas tree, our house, churches, streets and everything around is glamorous. These lights and colors don’t only bring brightness in our surroundings but also in our lives. The days around Christmas are the best part of the year. During that period we are so much into the happiness and the celebration that we forget all the stress that we go through in our day to day life.

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Christmas Cuisine

Who doesn’t like food? Who is not a foodie? Everyone is. What better than festival food. India has got different specialty for every festival. When it comes to Christmas all I can think about is the chocolate balls and pastries. They are genuinely delicious. But wait, we have other special dishes too. One of them is “Kuswar”. It is a sweet dish which is basically originated from Goa. Even the cashews and macaroons. Cashew and macaroons are almost seen in every Christmas goodie. The special food will get a special taste when cooked by family members. Wont it? This is what the Indian tradition says and follows. Al the food is cooked by the females in the family. They sit together and takje the efforts of making them.

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Christmas Cribs

Lets not forget to mention the Christmas Cribs. Cribs are beautiful. They are planned and made all on our own. It is the way we want it to be. Making it gives a different pleasure, as we are making it for our own Jesus. It is like we are building a house for him. Every single crib is beautiful, be it big or small. The charm of the crib is actually seen when we place our baby Jesus in it along with Mother Mary. Kids enjoy it the most as they get to bring out their emotions and creativity.

The Grand Celebration

Christmas Eve! Excitement trolls everywhere. India is enjoying the eve. People mostly prefer visiting Goa as it is the main Christian hub. And celebrating the eve out there is fabulous and one shouldn’t miss on it. Even people celebrate it in other parts of India too but Goa is a different experience. The climate, the people, the party mood and all of that is on a different level. We dance all night. Nobody cares about their sleep or if they are tired. They simply enjoy. All we can see is people are holding a wine glass in their hand and are dancing in joy. The whole eve and night is spent this way. On the day of Christmas, we take a box of Kuswar and sweets and go to our neighbor and relatives. We have a trend of distributing sweets rather than exchanging presents. And this is how we end Christmas.

Christmas makes the end of our year worth. It gives us joy and lets us enjoy the year end. Our year ends with happy memories. May Jesus always bless us with joy. Christmas is the happy end of hectic years and welcome to a new beautiful year which will be filled with new experiences and a chance to celebrate Christmas once again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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