Freedom 251 is the biggest scam?

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on February 20, 2016

One of the most trending topics nowadays is Freedom 251 ; World’s cheapest smartphone with a price tag of RS. 251(the equivalent of $3.67)…Unbelievable.. not it ?

So just go and grab it. So simple !!!

Wait wait ……

I think if you want to use 3G data pack then you have to pay at least approx. Rs. 300 for 1 month and if you are going to buy a 3G smartphone with great features then you have to pay just Rs. 251.

How is it possible? Just think once.


Scam or Not, Freedom 251


Everyone knows very well that Indian Middle Class families are very innocent and emotional; it is very easy to make them fool and to play with their emotions.

You can easily see that everyone is buying this smartphone without his/her mind that how a smartphone can be so cheap?


Have a look on the features and specification of Freedom 251:

          ➤ Display 4 inch

          ➤ Storage 8GB

          ➤ RAM 1GB

          ➤ Rear Camera 3.2-megapixel

          ➤ Front Camera 0.3-megapixel

          ➤ Battery capacity 1450mAh

          ➤ Processor 1.3GHz

          ➤ Resolution 540×960 pixels

          ➤ Android Version 5.1


Scam or Not, Freedom 251 - Freedom 251 with cover box
[ Image Source: ifyoucan ]



And here are the steps to book your Freedom 251:

➤ Open the website

➤ Click on Buy Now button.

➤ Note that the Ringing Bells is charging Rs. 40 extra for shipping so the total you will need to pay is Rs. 291.

➤ Enter your shipping address, accept the terms and conditions and click on Pay Now to proceed to the payment page.

About the Company

Company which is manufacturing Freedom 251 is a Noida (India) based company named Ringing Bells. There is no track record available about this company.


Scam or Not, Freedom 251 - Bell Office
[ Image Source: HT Times ]



Scam or Not, Freedom 251 - Freedom 251 MD MOHIT GOYAL
[ Image Source: India TV News ]



About the owner of Freedom 251

Mohit Goel is the owner of the company Ringing Bells. His father is a shopkeeper and owns a grocery shop in Garhipukhta.


Criticism and Controversies

          ➤ First of all, Linkedin profile of Mohit Goel appears suspicious as it says that he has undertaken two graduation courses but does not mention when he pursued them. The account also states that Mohit Goel worked for the Canada-based Shaw Communication firm for more than nine years which again is strange as he was born in 1987, which means he would mean he’s been working since he was 19 years old.


          ➤ The total cost materials (parts) for a phone like this is approx. Rs. 2,000 and by making in India we take away around Rs. 400 from that and by selling online we cut overheads and save another Rs. 400. But still it cannot be low as Rs. 251.


          ➤ ICA National President Pankaj Mohindroo said in letter later, “For your kind information, the bill of material (BOM) value for a product like this when sourced from the cheapest supply chain cost approximately $40 (Rs 2,700).And this, when translated into retail price after addition of applicable duties, taxes and with distribution and retail margins would be at least Rs 4,100 while the product is being sold at Rs 251″. He further added that even if the product is sold at lower margins in an e-commerce type subsidised sale, the final consumer price cannot come below $52–55 (about Rs 3,500-3,800).Further, there is no visible mobile operator subsidy involved in this, which in any case is not the way the Indian mobile market operates,” he added. It would be advisable that officers from Deity get into the depth of this and ICA will provide any technical assistance, if required.”We are bringing this to your kind notice, so that a scenario does not arise in the future, where the nation, the government of India, industry and trade are seen in a poor light.


          ➤ Pranav Dixit (Technology Editor of Hindustan Times) told that all the app icons presented in the phone look exactly like iOS app icons. Mail is the same. Music is the same. Settings is the same, the browser has a Safari icon on it. It’s a clear violation of Apple’s copyright.


          ➤ Wall Street Journal quoted Chadha as saying that the company would spend Rs 5 billion on building the factories to manufacture the phone. He also said that the money would come from the family of Mohit Goel – who reportedly own a farming business. But the Economic Times report says that Mohit Goel’s father is a grocery store owner.


Scam or Not, Freedom 251 - Freedom 251 Front View
[ Image Source: Economic Times ]


Crucial Things to Consider

          ➤ Company told that it will start delivering smartphones from June 2016. So as per the law no one can take action against them before June so if they want to run from India; no one can stop them.

          ➤ They don’t have any replacement or return policy means you have to use whatever you will receive.

          ➤ The company don’t have any previous track record.



          ➤ As per the report the website has Six Lacs hits per second and approx. 75,000 smartphones sold. (They have enough money to run).

          ➤ They have huge Data (Name, Address, Email Id, Contact Number etc.) and they can make millions of rupees just be selling those data.

          ➤ Whatever may be the reason they are enough famous now. And they can try for some reality shows like Big Boss ☻.


Time will tell us that it is “Make in India” or “Fake in India”.


Scam or Not, Freedom 251
[ Image Source: Economic Times ]



I; personally; wish to be proved wrong. Mr. Mohit Goel Sir; if you are really a hero then I will salute you in public for sure. Hope you will not play with the emotions of Middle Class families of India.


If you are correct then it will be the greatest revolution of all time in the world’s Telecome Industry.



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