How E commerce Brands are bringing people together?

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on August 21, 2018

What is India? Is it just another country on the world map? Is it the largest democracy in the world? Or is it a country with the staggering population still struggling to achieve a successful placement on the world platform? India is all of these and much more. Maybe it is still a developing country with one of the largest slums of the world Dharavi but India is also the place with more than a million millionaires. India is the largest democracy in the world with the second largest population figures but India also has one of the world’s highest rates of abortion! What makes India really interesting to the world is perhaps its “cultural diversity” or “unity in diversity”. There are at least 9 recognized religions in India. The 29 states in India speak at least 22 different languages! What else? These 29 states have their different cultural set up and that means festivals, occasions, and way of living all differ from each other! When too many vessels are there in a single room, there would be much humdrum – right? As a country, we also have felt those noisy waves but to a great extent, we have maintained a dignity and sanity in tackling with people of such a scale of diversity.  


Hindu-Muslim Issue of India


One of the much talked about “issue” or “challenge” that this beautiful country has been facing for more than a century is the “Hindu-Muslim” tussle! The seeds of this huge wrangle were once planted by the British Rulers during their stay in India. The Britishers barely have any idea that until today their forefathers are cursed for that political approach. They employed certain Divide & Rule Policy and that resulted in the separation of our country! This is the only heart-breaking history of Hindu-Muslim but largely, that was an outburst of the socio-political planning and plotting of some authority who represents people (read Government). In normal daily life, there is much peace and friendship maintained by people of both the communities. If you read the social history of this country, you would understand one thing very clearly that Hindus and Muslims have never tried to kill each other. Those acts of slaughtering were the brainchild of those few which the ‘White Kurta-Clad Politicians’ of today treat as a notebook to sustain in power. Hail Divide & Rule Policy!




The Hindus and Muslims lived and till today live in peace and harmony. We are living in the 21st century and that’s perhaps the only flaw. In the name of modernization, we are today paralyzed in a world that sells more of sensational news. To run the big news agency or the TV channels, people are scouting for negative news or stories of discomfort. Maybe these types of incidents are prevalent for hardly 10-15% of India but the impactful news presentation makes one believe that the whole nation has gone astray!


I have seen a Muslim friend of my Dad quite recurrent at our place. His religion has never stopped him from enjoying our Hindu festivals. In fact, he is seen in all the club activities in performing a Puja. He never forgets to send boxes of home-made biryanis, sevaiyaan, and other delicacies during Eid.


Look around you and you would find such an amazing example of brotherhood in our country. In media, there is an angst against that community, but still, India worships Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and Salman Khan. Who would question their fan bank and their religion?


A giant Hindu complex is all set to be built in India which will replace Angkor Wat as the world’s largest temple. A lot of Muslim people are to be thanked for this act who were gracious enough to vacate the area. Some Muslims also donated lands and others helped and supported us to purchase their land for the temple.


Some segment of our population is also busy with narrow-mindedness, honor killing, caste difference, etc. But there are also people like Yashpal Saxena who are thinking of greater benefits and leaving a satisfaction in our mind so that we can smile and say – “Yes, Humanity is still alive!” His son was killed by the Muslim family of the girl he was in love with. But forgetting the agony of a young son’s death, his father hosted an Iftaar party for the Muslims in his area during Roja. Read the full story here:


Power of Ecommerce Brands in bringing India Closer


There is no doubt about the fact that India is a developing country. And mind you, Brands (whether India or Global) have played an important role in making this nation ONE. Brands do not see the population divided in any way and they only have the greater good in mind. With the Brand reach running in millions and billions, the social initiatives and the messages they are propagating is unbelievable.


Recently, I also came across a wonderful social ad by Ferns N Petals that had a simple message of love. In a hospital, a little girl and a boy of barely 5-6 years old are shown playing who came to visit their newborn brothers. Through the clothes of the young boy’s relative, it is learned that he is Muslim while the girl is Hindu. She innocently asks him “why there is no rakhi on his wrist?” and shows him the rakhi that she brought for her newborn brother. She then hastes and leaves to meet her brother forgetting the rakhi. After meeting her brother, when she searches for the rakhi in her pocket, she remembers that she left that with the boy outside. She comes out and finds that boy (saddened by the fact no one tied him rakhi) still holding that rakhi. Seeing the girl, he hands her the rakhi and says that “Take your rakhi. By the way, I have no sister to tie me a rakhi.” She takes the rakhi walks towards her mom’s ward, but that sense of humanity strikes in that child and she rushes back to make that unknown boy her brother.


Isn’t that India in short? We are never reluctant to be friendly and treat any stranger with the best of our abilities.


On the similar lines, it is imperative to say that yes, as a nation we have progressed much in every area and e-commerce is a surging sphere of development. These e-commerce portals have a strong reach and appeal to people. When someone is bored at the bus stop, that person won’t mind checking the latest mobile at Amazon or Flipkart. That’s why the advertisement of these portals are quite relevant. If the aforementioned advertisement of Ferns N Petals talked about brotherhood and a bond of love beyond all threshold of religion and culture, another advertisement for Big Bazaar talked about humanity. The Big Bazaar ad narrated how a guard helps a customer to get an auto in a stormy and rainy night and later during the Raksha Bandhan festival that lady returns and buys a rakhi from Big Bazaar and ties that on his wrist restoring our faith on humanity and love!


If conflict and unrest are the aims, then there are too many things in this land of diversity worthy to be fought. But somewhere in this land of the mighty Ganges and the lofty Himalayas, we prefer to worship not only our 33,000 deities but also our relationships. We are a nation that till today believes in simplicity and are in no hurry to be in the queue of ultra-level development that somewhere leads to resentment.



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