Alcohol and Young People

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What is a party without booze? Boring?


Booze or the thing formally called alcohol is a substance that has an opposing point of view. Some like it so much that they will go to any extent to defend it. Others would simply say alcohol is evil. But is it really?


Alcohol is a multi-billion dollar industry that rakes in billions of dollars daily. It is in fact an integral part of ceremonies. Without alcohol in party, there would be no life. It brings spark to parties.




But, like anything that can be abused, alcohol has been abused by a lot of people from teens to young adults to even the elderlies. Although, abuse of something lead to danger, it cannot be said that alcohol does not have side effect when taken in some quantity.


You should understand why it is important to take alcohol serious. This article would help you understand.




Alcohol is a chemical substance made of fermented sugar. This sugar is in form of fructose, the sugar that is present in fruits and honey. It also made from fermented grains.


Over the years, different cultures have their mode of making alcohol. For the Babylonians and the Sumerians, they made alcohol from fermented grains. This alcohol was impure that it contains some remnant of the grain. The Greeks made alcohol from honey and water.


The lands around the Mediterranean also made wine from grapes. Recently, Israel started a project that would recreate that ancient grape wine that Middle-Eastern people drank thousands of years ago.


Alcohol these days are purer and better than it was before. But that pureness has introduced a problem – the alcoholic content is increasing. The purer the wine, the higher the ethanol. It is this ethanol that is linked to the alcoholic content.




There are several reasons why you can do something you want. This might be one of the reasons why you decide to take alcohol.




Alcohol has a revitalizing feel that it would make even the down casted to become active. For time immemorial, people have taken alcohol to have that zest that they normally don’t have.




This cannot be denied. You rarely take alcohol in solitude. The most time you take alcohol is in the company of family, friends or even someone you don’t know from Adam. When you take alcohol with friends or family, you’d share something with them. If not a bottle, it’ll be a crate or maybe the kebabs that goes with it.

You would find yourself discussing with your drinking mates. This could be from the normal conversation to the downright embarrassing conversation. This sometimes helps to create a bond.






There are several reasons why you should not take alcohol. The following are some reasons not to. Some are based on science with several researches done. In fact, a researcher said it is easy to show the risk of alcohol than show its benefits.




One of the effects of taking alcohol is sluggishness. One’s general behaviour would be less exciting than it previously was. This is usually when one take alcohol in excess. For teens and young people, the alcohol would be boring when it is taken in a moderate amount.


The “supreme” amount is when it’s taken in a volume that would high, a word used for intoxication, the consumer.


Alcohol shuts down the body. The more volume consumed the more the consumer suffers especially teens whose organs and body systems have not being fully developed.




Alcohol attacks the central nervous system that would cause your body to lack coordination. This incoordination could be in your physique wobbling from one side to another. It could also be in you making decisions without you being in control of your mental faculty.


Different studies have shown that excess alcohol could lead to aggression, sexual adventure-someness and divulging of private details.




Take a look at someone who is hooked on alcohol, you’ll notice that the person looks older than their age. This is because alcohol dehydrates skin. It is this dehydrated skin that causes wrinkled skin.


Wrinkled skin makes one look older. Combined with the bloodshot eye that comes with excessive alcohol, one will age faster than they are. Imagine that you’re looking thirty-four when you’re just seventeen.






Too much alcohol leads to poor nutrition. There are several cases of people who due to their alcoholism forget when they need to eat or eat what they ought not to eat.


Poor nutrition especially for a teen is bad. It has lot of resultant effect. Since body is made of the food that we eat, not eating good food means the body will have problems. Problems with hormones, enzymes and cells.


Hormonal imbalance would lead to health problems. For female teens, this could be menstrual disorder. For male, it could be slow bone growth.




Alcohol also lead to long term chance of impotency. In a 2007 study by Bijil Simon Arackal and VivekBenegal found that 70% of people who depended on alcohol had sexual dysfunction. On a long term this could lead to impotency especially in men.




You should learn to drink alcohol responsibly. When you keep drinking and drinking alcohol in parties, you should know that you’re not drinking responsibly.


The following ways would help you.




You should know that alcohol affects people differently. It affects based on age, size, height and some other factors.


Know the extent to which your body can absorb before taking that glass.




You should make out a plan of your drinking goals. The plans would guide you on what you would drink.




When going out for a drink, make sure that you decide that on when to stop.

This article has shown you the effects and history of alcohol and how to become responsible and create a good life for yourself.



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