Interview with Norik Krikorian : Awesome Travel Photographer and A Kind-hearted Man

Interview with Norik Krikorian : Awesome Travel Photographer and A Kind-hearted Man

Norik Krikorian was born in Baghdad-Iraq in 1957.  His nationality is Armenian. He finished his high school in 1976 then he worked as an offset Photographer in Baghdadi. He started photography in 1979.  His first camera was (Zineth) Russan cam and in 1990 he went to Athens-Greece and he worked there as a printer in a Greek press. Photography is his hobby. Last year he bought his new camera which is Lumix 200zx.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself, your blog(s)/website(s),and your aspirations and your hobbies!
My name is Norik Krikorian i was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1957 and Now I live in Munich, Germany. From my early years I worked as an offset photographer that was my first contact with the world of photography. My first camera was a special edition for the Olympics of 1980 in Moscow by Zenit. My major hobbies are traveling and photography, and some of my other hobbies are reading and listening to music. My target is to show the world from my point of view. I don’t have any websites dedicated to my work, but i use my Facebook as my portofolio. I´m looking forward on creating a website after a few more places to visit including my homeland Armenia which I haven´t visited.

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2. How would you describe your photographic vision? What kind of feel do you try and create in your photos?

My photographic vision is to represent the beauty of the subject and make the viewer to think his own meaning of my pictures.

3. What does photography mean to you?

The most important thing for me is to capture the moment and every photography is a subject for a new story and creation.

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4. Photography is your passion or profession or both?

Photography is a passion for me but I hope that someday it will become a profession.

5. What do you do when you are not clicking any pics?

When I’m not taking pictures I like to walk, read and listen to music.

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6. What are the characteristics that a good Travel Photographer needs to have?

The characteristics that a good Travel Photographer needs to have are intelligence, patience, being friendly because his work makes him to have contact with different kinds of peoples.

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7. What is the best compliment do you have ever? Could you please share Happiest Moment in your Photography Life?

Usually I have a good comments from my friends and family members but the best compliment came from far away which said “I don´t like it, I love it”.

8. What are some simple tips for taking great travel photos?

My simple tips for taking great travel pictures are reading the subject well, taking your time and look your camera settings.

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9. How do you pick the spots you travel to?

I like interesting places like old Grafik towns, seaside and small villages.

10. What’s your secret tip for beginners, who want to start with travel photography?

My tip to beginners who want to start with travel photography are making your pictures there in the field you always must make your next photo better than your last one which my golden rule for myself.

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11. Do you get easily provoked by positive/negative comments?

I prefer negative comments because it makes me a better photographer.

12. Words for your followers and why they should follow you?

At this time my only followers are my friends which I’d like to thank, people should follow me because every time I make more interesting and different photo shootings.

13. Words and suggestion about my website
Great website and thank you for giving me the opportunity to take place to this interview, congratulations and keep going.

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