Interview with Hamdy Charmy : An Award Winner Photographer and A Fantastic Man

Interview with Hamdy Charmy : An Award Winner Photographer and A Fantastic Man

Hamdy Charmy is working as a geoscientist in one of the major oil company. His age is close to 50. He studied photography and lived and travelled to many places all over the world. He always keep the camera in his hand. He shot almost all kind of photography and he like specially the high speed photography, studio shooting. He has won an international contest but he is not a big fan of submitting his photo for any contest anymore. He shoot what he likes  and he is a well recognised in the middle east and acting as an admin in one of the most/best famous photography web page in the Arab world. He is an Egyptian and currently lives in Malaysia.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself, your blog(s)/website(s),and your aspirations and your hobbies!!
I’m a geoscientist, close to 50 years old,working in a major oil company which gave me the chance to be able to travel a lot and interact with new cultures and sights.
My hobbies include listening to music, I’m an intermediate guitar player, I like to partake in adventurous outdoor activities like white water rafting and of course, my main hobby is photography.
Initially, I started my Facebook page to share with my friends the pictures that I have taken over the years during my travels.
However, I noticed that little by little, my page got more attention that I thought it would.
I aspire to be recognised on an international scale for the pictures I take.

Beautiful lake in Geneva
[Beautiful lake in Geneva]


2. How would you describe your photographic vision? What kind of feel do you try and create in your photos?
My photographic vision is all about simplicity. I try to find the beauty in everyday normal scenes. I try as much as possible to let others see through my lens by capturing a certain frame, making them more universally understood. I don’t believe in over-editing my pictures, because it strays from the real.

3. How long have you been a photographer?
My interest in photography was initiated by my father who was really into photography. I was 15 years old when I was given my first camera. My father taught me to develop pictures in the comfort of our own home.

Colmar Tropicale, Bukit
[Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi]


4. What does photography mean to you?
To me, photography is the art of telling a story with only one frame. I truly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. Not everyone sees of feels the same way when they see certain things, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that why I love photography, it’s universal. You don’t need to have any specific knowledge regarding what is seen in the picture, all you have to do is just enjoy it!

5. Photography is your passion or profession or both?
I prefer to say that photography is my passion, I do it because I enjoy it and I want others around me to enjoy it as well. It has more to do with creativity than making a profit.

Kuantan beach, East
[Kuantan beach, East Malaysia]


6. How do you pick the spots you travel to?
I look up the historical and cultural significance of areas, I plan it and off I go!
I try to look for different angles of beauty rather than take pictures of what is popular.

7. What is your favorite place to click photographs?
I mostly prefer to photograph in historical or cultural areas. I feel that it’s important to embrace the world’s cultures and history.
Our past can help us define our future.

8. If you could live anywhere on this awesome planet where would you build your dream home?
I would definitely live in the heart of Africa, there is so much beauty to see there. One of my dreams is to photograph the Zulu tribe.

[Melbourne, Australia]


9. What type of photography do you do most? And what do you enjoy most and why?
I am a huge fan of travel photography. This is mostly because I always like change, and no restrictions. I love going from border to border to be able to see new things. It’s boring to stay in the same place all the time. If I like what I see, I shoot it.

10. I’m sure you’ve taken hundreds of photos over the years, but do you have a favourite?
My favourite picture was taken when I was walking near by the Fine Arts Museum of Hong Kong. It wasn’t planned at all, I just found it interesting and decided to photograph it.

11. Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking and photographing?
Zack Iris has influenced my photographing. I like his simplicity and the away he breaks the rules, which is now what I try to do with my photography.



12. What are the characteristics that a good Travel Photographer needs to have?
A good traveler photographer needs to have patience and should try to be a photo hunter. Always be ready with your camera and make it different.

13. Tell me about some of the catchy people you have met while clicking pictures?
I’ve met a lot of fascinating people, I was lucky enough to get to photograph an Aboriginal tribe during the time I spent in Australia.

14. What is the best compliment do you have ever? Could you please share Happiest Moment in your Photography Life?
Those who have been to the places I have photographed usually tell me that it looks different than what they remember. As I said before, I never try to look at what everyone else is doing, I focus on what I want to see and do.
The happiest moment, for me, was when I won an International contest, I just submitted my picture and hoped for the best.

Misty sunrise in Borobudur
[Misty sunrise in Borobudur Temple]


15. What’s your secret tip for beginners, who want to start with travel photography?
If you want my advice, always check the weather before going somewhere! and pay attention to timing as it can make a difference in the shot. It’s also very important to understand the history and significance of the areas you want to photograph.

16. Five adjectives that describe you.
Creative, adventurous, hard-working, passionate and attentive.

Penang island,
[Penang island, Malaysia]


17. Do you get easily provoked by positive/negative comments?
I do not take to heart any negative comments because i believe in my work and what I do. However, when it comes to constructive criticism, I always appreciate it because it allows me to see my work through someone else’s eyes.
As for positive comments, it makes me happy to know that others enjoy and appreciate my work as much as I do.

18. You have a website? Please tell me about that?
I don’t really have a website, I mostly post my pictures on my Facebook Page . I like the idea of people being able to interact on my page about my pictures. It really allows for me to see what they think and what they love about what I do. It’s all about keeping in touch with the community.

19. Words and suggestion about my website
The website looks great! I particularly enjoy the traveler profile section.

Prambanan, Jawa Tengah,
[Prambanan, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia]


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