Some Exciting Water Sports in Andaman: An Adrenaline Rush Like Never Before

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on May 19, 2018

Andaman is a water wonderland, so it’s quite likely that you think that a non-swimmer would be sitting it out while their friends are having the time of their lives. You couldn’t be more wrong; you would also be surprised at how many water activities you will be able to participate in without any prior experience. All you need is the drive to experience something new and have a ball.


Start off with Jet Skiing and Speed Boating


These are more traditional water sports but are reserved for good weather days. Embarking on an adventure with the sea at your mercy is quite the experience, but when there’s a storm out there, it can be a dangerous one.


Banana Boat Rides are a Whole New Experience


Banana Boat Rides  @indiaataglance


Banana-shaped boats are tied to speedboats and sent out on the water. Each boat typically fits six people and an instructor. The adrenaline rush is unmatched; you are bound to gasp and squeal as the boat picks up speed. Banana boating is completely safe- there is an instructor with you at all times, you go out wearing life jackets, and support staff like lifeguards will always be on hand.


Scuba Diving- A Part of Any Andaman Nicobar Tour Package


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Scuba diving is yet another incredible activity that you can do without having learned swimming in the past. There are a number of scuba diving centers all over Andaman, where you can go to get a clearance certificate from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. That is all it takes for you to go out on the water and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.


Try Out Undersea Walking


Needing no experience or complicated equipment, undersea walking is simplistic but also is incredible fun. You walk across the smooth, clean sea floor wearing a helmet and have instructors at hand throughout to take care of you in case things go south. It is one of the prime attractions of Andaman.


Discover the Ocean’s Wonders by Snorkeling


You must have heard of snorkeling or seen it depicted in popular media like TV shows and movies in the past, but you will never truly be able to grasp the majesty of the ocean unless you experience it firsthand. As you reach the rarest corals on the planet, you will begin to realize what drove Ringo Starr to write Octopus’ Garden. There are few experiences that can live up to this. Go get an amazing Andaman Nicobar tour package today.


Rule the Air and Cross the Sea while Parasailing


Parasailing combines the best of both worlds- water and air come together in an unassailable adventure. You are harnessed in a parachute and tied behind a motorboat which races across the water, with you flying behind like a kite in the wind. The rush is absolutely unmatched, and you will be buzzing for days.


Glass Bottom Boating and Seaplane Riding Are New Adventures


Glass-bottomed boats go from Port Blair to Jolly Buoy Island and Water Sports Complex to North Bay Coral Island and allow you to have a clear glimpse of sea life and its infinite wonders. Andaman also happens to be the very first Indian tourism spot to have a fleet of commercial seaplanes that will take as many as 9 passengers out from Port Blair to Havelock Island. The otherwise 2-hour ferry is covered in 15 minutes and is an awe-inspiring experience.




Andaman has something for everyone- sights, sounds, tastes, and delights as far as the eye can see. With these incredible water sports, you are sure to have an otherworldly experience that nothing else can top. Visit Andaman today and discover your adventurous side.




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