5 best cities for solo woman travelers in India in 2019

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It goes without saying that India is a place of varying culture, history, and tradition. If you are here wondering which places around in the Indian peninsula is best for woman solo travelers, the options are quite extensive. Owing to the fact that the first checkpoint of security is something India needs to work on, it is not really surprising that solo woman adventurers tend to think twice before getting out on their expedition. I was one of them in the beginning but once I did start off my backpacking days, there was no looking back. I am actually glad that I did step out of my comfort zone to be able to explore some of the most beautiful cities around in India that not many people would think of in the first place.


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In here, I am here to share some of the insights and nitty gritty for all the solo woman travelers who want to explore some of the best cities in India in the year 2019.



It goes without saying that Kolkata was my very first choice on the list. It is always best to start off from a place that would provide you with good options and at the same time, help you explore what you are good with. Being a solo traveler wasn’t something I was very comfortable in the first with but then when I reached Kolkata, the warm welcome and the helpful locals around definitely did help me lose that unwanted fear. The historical essence with the enriching dose of literature simply waves off in the air around. I wanted to be a typical tourist and started off with the mainstream sightseeing spots around like that of the Victoria Memorial and Princep Ghat and the area around. The food hands down are most possibly the best thing you can explore here in Kolkata. From the oily and “not so hygienic” street food to the posh restaurants, everything is delectable too good to be true.



Next stop on the cities to visit that is always included in every Indian girl travel blog is Benaras. If you want to explore your inner spiritual and religious side, it is hands down one of the best cities in India to visit. The only thing that I would personally suggest doing is to be very alert around the place. Don’t get diverted with the fake prices and charges people ask you for. Often times, the people there tend to overcharge the tourists, so beware of that. That being said, the one thing that left me speechless was the Dashashwamedh Aarti. The grandeur and the kind of devotion projected in that Aarti is definitely something that I wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else. The combination of the glowing aartis and the beautiful essence of the incense sticks make it an amazing experience that you just can’t skip out on.



With the tradition and spiritual aspects done, I was determined to visit somewhere that provides me with a glimpse of the lush greenery around the country of India. I did ask around and research and Kodaikanal came up to be one of the best cities to visit and boy, were people right. The place, in one word, is enigmatic. The riveting sight of the natural beauty and the absconding breath of fresh air is nothing short of amazing. I was awestruck with the beauty of the place and if possible, would definitely love to visit again there sometime. Vattakanal is most possibly the best part of my experience. It is one of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal. This silent valley is situated just 6 km away from Kodaikanal but is worth every single moment you spend there. The safety of this city is yet another factor that does make it a good city to explore around for every solo woman traveler. Hike through the Dolphin’s Point for getting that panoramic view from atop the hills. Trust me, there is nothing more beautiful than that and you would not even want to visit any foreign countries to gain that same experience.



Okay, so I know this is cliché but you just can’t mention Goa when it comes to backpacking adventures. Goa is most possibly the best city for the same and hands down one of the best at that. All that aside, it is important to ensure that you have all your priorities set because if you are visiting Goa during the peak season, chances are that it will end up costing you quite a lot. Hostels are a good place to stay around because they are not just cheap but also help you make more friends who are set out on the same journey. Liquor and sunbathing was something I indulged in a lot. The nightlife in Goa is nothing short of amazing, so that was yet another thing that I would want every single one of the traveler to explore.



Last but not least on the list is Bengaluru, as previously known as Bangalore. The main reason why I would recommend this one is because of the amazing weather. Apart from that, if the technology is something that intrigues you, this might be a good backpacking site you can visit. If shopping is on your agenda, you are definitely going to love this beautiful city of Bangalore. Make sure that you do have a good budget because the place is not at all cheap.


When it comes to suggesting out places to visit around for the solo woman travelers in India, I am pretty sure these five places don’t suffice. But, if you want to kick-start your journey, start them off with these places and once you gain more confidence, you can easily go around exploring more of the underrated spots around in India. Just one quick tip from someone who has been doing this for quite some time now, be alert all the time. Make sure that you know your surroundings and assess them and then enjoy to the fullest.




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