New app to reduce poverty, increase employment and tourism in India

Posted by Manvendra Kikkeri | Posted on August 4, 2016

Most argue that the internet could boost education and development in developing countries with many schools already using “smart boards” instead of the same old dusty chalk powder covered blackboards. Skype tuition is also a new trend as traffic had made moving through metropolitan cities nearly impossible.


With India‘s GDP predicted to rise the number of job opportunities should rise with it .India turns out over 10 million graduates a year and yet fifteen percent of these job seekers still struggle while seeking a job .This means that they are forced to move out of the country in search for jobs this causes a serious problem of “brain drain” in our country .Weather or not the so called brain drain is due to a lack or jobs or a lack of awareness is debatable.


People standing in line at unemployment office at Allahabad
[People standing in line at unemployment office at Allahabad]
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When Neuvoo launched in India within weeks the website went viral with lakhs of users using it .With India‘s internet speeds rising more and more jobs are being found online. Neuvoo works similarly to a google search, the user simply enters the location and the category of jobs he would like to search for and lakhs of results appear instantly, the best part is the users do not pay for the service .Neuvoo is based out of Canada and Switzerland but has a small sales force in India, the team is constantly contacting companies to add new jobs into the data base.


The process of using the app is very simple, simply enter the sector, finance or marketing or tourism, then the location and click search.


With India being the second largest market for smart phone users in the world after China, the Neuvoo smartphone app makes it easy and simple for people to search for jobs .Now even people living in rural parts of India have access to jobs not only in the country but all over the world. With India’s cheapest smartphones starting from a price of around a hundred Rupees or approximately 2 dollars and a regular “pay as you go” internet connection soon employment should be within everyone’s reach.


The smart phone revolution
[The smart phone revolution ]
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The reduction in unemployment will have a domino effect and as more people are earning. The final result at least in theory should be that there will be fewer people living in poverty ,which is a major tourist deterrent in India .It would also mean more people can afford travel increasing domestic tourism revenues.


The so called “normal places” for Indians to work like the Dubai or the U.S will soon become a thing of the past with more people being informed about employment opportunities all over the world.


India is not the only country benefitting from the website, Nigeria currently has over 46 thousand jobs on its Neuvoo page, a number that is rapidly growing as everyday more and more companies are being added the list of employers. Children in Nigeria are already using the internet to download E-books making learning easier, which has not seemed to have happened in India of late, with the government still having children buy a large number of books at the beginning of the school year .Having children use the internet from a young age could enable them to find their own opportunities.


It not only helps people looking for jobs but also small business looking to hire new talent, Neuvoo directly indexes companies to its webpage and this is far more economical than having to post a job advertisement on a job board which charge a high fee for postings whereas job aggregators like Neuvoo charge a pay per click which can be far more economical for smaller companies.


People who have little access to employment in their own country can search for alternatives in neighbouring countries or across the globe should they please. An increase in employment levels being one of the key goals of the government today, websites like Neuvoo could hold the answer.


For those of you who wish to visit the website and save if for further use click: Neuvoo


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