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Posted by Aditi Malhotra | Posted on July 16, 2016

We all love gifts, I don’t know how many of you love giving gifts, but I am sure everyone enjoys receiving them. As for me I love giving them too. Today there are so many choices to pick gifts for our loved ones whether we shop on ground or online, we can definitely find gifts suitable as per age groups or liking and interests.


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However lovely the gift may be, the way one present it adds a lot of value to it and similarly if it is presented in a tacky manner, it takes away a lot from it. No one can replace the feelings with which one gives a gift, but a good presentation does imply your efforts towards making the person feel all the more special.


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I recently surfed through the amazing hand made paper bags collection of www.surprisesomeone.in and I have been completely bowled over by it. How nice it looks when you put an expensive sari in a nice vibrant big hand made paper bag, it completely changes ones outlook towards the gift.


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I gave my mom a beautiful suit and rather than giving her in an ordinary bag, I put the suit in a nice hand made bag, it multifold the element of surprise and value to the whole gift. She was so thrilled, and I noticed, after she took out the suit from the bag, the suit lay there on the bed for sometime, while she carefully kept the paper bag in the almirah to be used at a later occasion I guess.


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I really feel that in life it’s the smaller things, the smaller efforts that count much more than the bigger ones.So do take a look at www.surprisesomeone.in and make your loved ones feel more special and loved with their range of gifts and packaging items. I am in love with the site.



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