The Food Affairs by Sarita Bazaz – A Gastronomical Extravaganza

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on September 9, 2016

9th September 2016Mrs Sarita Bazaz from The Food Affairs delighted everyone with her culinary magic by showcasing a glorious spread of multi cuisines at the Veda Farms. Her initiative towards charming every food enthusiast around the globe came to fruition, through blended aromatic ingredients and sizzling avante garde recipes, that captured the traditional, gastronomical rich cultural heritage of every dish, and showcased the epicurean lineage of India.




The entire event dazzled under beautifully lit chandeliers, a live performance by a renowned folk artist whose band performed through the night while the guests indulged themselves to a spread vast enough to feed an army of food lovers. The hosted event had a variety of 50 different delectable appetizers, mains, desserts and beverages to tantalize your pallet!




Everything on the menu was paired beautifully, ensuring the entire event was a culinary delight and Mrs Sarita Bazaz’s effort to host a perfectly curated evening interpreted the extraordinary tale of her legacy she would leave behind.




The love of food sparked an intriguing debate throughout the event, one where people sounded absolutely delighted with what was on offer.The dazzling event had everyone travel on a journey and engage in a love affair with food and luxuriate in mouth watering, dining exotica!





About The Food Affairs

The Food Affair is an initiative towards delighting every food enthusiast around the globe as a catering service that integrates harmony, creativity and lasting memories into each catered event. Sarita Bazaz and Aarti Kalia as caterers believe, that to be able to put ones best dish forth, one must first love its every ingredient. They follow the concept of recreating and reinventing food to highlight and bring through flavours and interesting textures to every dish before serving it.




Each event at The Food Affair has a personal touch , and ensures that the service is par excellence. Mrs Sarita Bazaz, director of Raskriti who is also the executive chef, started out her catering venture from home as a hobby since she was extremely passionate about food.




So join us on this journey and have yourselves a splendid love affair with food and novelle cuisine, as you indulge yourselves in mouth watering, unique dining exotica!





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