Seven Natural ways to recover From Back pain

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“Back pain” two simple words, but only the sufferer knows how it feels to suffer for back pain for a longer period. There is lots of treatment available for back pain. But all treatment is not equally suitable for all patients. There is different type of back pain. Some of that back pain is chronic and some are acute. In most of the case back pain occurs due to sitting in a straight position in a regular chair for a longer period or due to an inappropriate sleeping position. This types of  back pain are normally easy to treat. Simply following some natural remedial methods these types of back pain can easily recover. But there are another types of back pain that is occurs due to disk dislocation. This type of back pain is fetal, and need back surgery to get full recovery. But in most of the case the back pain problem can be easily treat by natural way without using any medicine or painkiller. Here we will talk about some of the natural remedial method to recover from acute back pain. So lets start…


Natural method To Recover From Back Pain:


1. Yoga


Yoga is a natural South Asia based body stretching technique. These types of exercise are very much helpful to naturally recover from backpain. Many patients said that their back pain completely recovers after taking three or four months of yoga class once in a week.




2. Massage


Regular massage can be a great natural treatment to recover for back pain. Massage therapy really work well for lower back pain . To get the full benefits of massage therapy the patients need to take the therapy at list ten weeks at a continuous basis.




3. Acupuncture


One of the most remarkable inventions of China is acupunchar. It’s a form of treatment that inserts small thin needles in human bodies effected area’s skin. This technique is very popular any scientifically proved method to recover from back pain.




4. Regular Use of zero gravity Chair


Zero gravity chair also known as zero gravity recliner is made using the concept of zero gravity position invented by NASA. Zero gravity position is a special position where our body reclines in such a position that our leg lifted upper than our head. In a zero gravity chair the user can recline their whole body in zero gravity position. In this position our whole body weight are equally distributed. So that we feel stress free and relax. Zero gravity chair help pass lot of oxygen in our lung. That is also very helpful for our body. If anyone who is suffering from back pain use zero gravity chair in a regular basis his or her back pain will recover naturally. This chair is also very useful as a sleeping chair. But to get the full benefit of zero gravity chair you need to buy a quality zero gravity chair. However you can check this best zero gravity recliner list if you want to buy one quality zero gravity chair for you or for your home.


Regular Use of zero gravity Chair


5. Plank Exercise


Plank is a excellent exercise that recover from back pain. If a person who is suffering from back problem regular practice this exercise for just one or two minute it will help to reduce their back pain. This exercise is also very good for our shoulder and its helps to burn belly fat.


Plank Exercise


6. Comfrey Root ointment


Comfrey is a special type of herb plant. This plant’s root extracted juice is very good and helpful to recover from back pain. There is several ointments available in the market that contain this comfrey root ingredient. Using this ointment for five days can help to reduce back pain. But its impotent to note that is should not usemore than ten days at a time. Otherwise it will be harmful for health.


Comfrey Root ointment


7. Aquatic therapy


Aquatic therapy is another natural way to recover from back pain. This type of therapy performs under water. Different types of physical exercise especially treadmill running under water is the most common form of aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy mainly works for lower back pain. This therapy is also very helpful for pregnant women whom are suffering from lower back pain.


Aquatic therapy


It is also true that all types of back pain can’t be treated naturally. But in most of the case when the pain is in initial stage it can be treated naturally. Natural treatment to recover from back pain is way better than taking any pain killer. Pain killer is very harmful for our body. Regular use of pain killer can be fatal. Pain Killer can cause heart attack and its can damage out kidneys as well. But in case of spinal disk dislocation it’s always better to concern a doctor. We need not to forget that natural back pain recovery only work at the initial stage of back pain or when this back pain created from muscle strain. In serious case of back pain, taking the specialist advice is always the best Idea. We should also remember that a regular maintained routine life, food habit and exercise makes this  back pain away from us.



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