How To Treat Heat Stroke

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on February 17, 2017

Heat stroke is the most serious problem relating to heart injury. It is also known as under a wide range of name including siriasis, thermis fever or sunstroke. It immediately happens when the body’s heat control system fails in operation.


Treat Heat Stroke


The article will show you the reason you suffer this health problem plus how can reduce the risk of heat stroke by some effective tips from nature surroundings us.




According to recent researches, when our body suffers the extreme environment, especially the angry summer then the body mechanism which is responsible for controlling temperature fails. As a result of that phenomenon, the body temperature raise more than 37 degree (also known as the normal temperature) and reach the relatively high temperature as more than 40 degree. This is the main cause leading to heat stroke.




Heat stroke is considered as one of the most dangerous heart injury since it can attack organ system and kill people. That’s why finding the common symptoms of it at the soonest is really important. When people suffer heat stroke, the symptoms often include extremely high temperature, rapid and shallow breathing, confusion behaviour, read and hot skin and so on …


Therefore, before becoming more serious and going to hospital, we should learn how to prevent the risk of heat stroke with top natural and affordable tips below:


1. Onion Juice


Onion Juice is highly recommended by experts to treat heat stroke. Indulging in onion juice or having adequate onion juice intake helps in reducing the risk of heat stroke. What’s more? Mixing roasted onion juice with honey and cumin then applying this paste on both the chest and ears may help to cool down the body’s temperature immediately. No sooner do the body temperature reduce in normal degree than the whole body will feel better.


2. Drinking water


One of the most basic rule to ward off heat stroke is to keep our body hydrated. So the best yet simplest tip is drinking enough water (also known as 2 – 3 liters ) all day.


3. Aam Panna


Aam Panna refers to the tip also supplying through drinking. Aam Panna is a kind of juice and its content includes spices and roasted mangoes which is really great in bringing down the body’s temperature. Increased Aam Panna intake in daily dietary is along with supplying our body with cumin, pepper and fennel … that plays a protective role in treating heat stroke. You may want to know more health benefits of cumin.


4. Tamarind Drink


One more kind of drink is suggested by experts to cure heat stroke. Tamarind works effectively in reducing body temperature due to being full of valuable vitamins and minerals. You wonder how to apply it? Simply soak the tamarind in water then boil this at 100 degree to extract necessary juice.


5. Mixing of Mint Leaves and Coriander


Heat stroke can be totally filtered out by taking mint leaves and coriander juice 2 – 3 times per day regularly. It is known as one of the most popular tips in treating heat stroke because of its taste and effectiveness. Mint leaves and coriander juice is expert – recommended and all – natural home remedy that you can apply to cool down body and red, hot skin safely and effectively. You can call it as a multi – health – benefit – drink.


6. Apple Cider Vinegar


All ingredients we need for this tip is apple cider vinegar, honey, water and a pinch of sugar (optional). Lack of electrolytes and essential minerals including magnesium and potassium is main cause leading to heat stroke. So providing our body with aforementioned minerals through taking apple cider vinegar 2 -3 times daily can help to ward off heat stroke.


7. Aloe Vera Juice


For those who are suffering heat stroke, aloe vera should be used as a safe and effective home remedy. Since ancient time, aloe vera has been often used for medical purpose. With ability of adaptogen, aloe vera protects body from external changes like rising extremely high temperature.



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