Ideal Investment Plans for Your Guru to Get Regular Returns

Posted by Ankit Srivastava | Posted on July 26, 2018

‘Guru’ is a Sanskrit word, which translates to ‘someone who eliminates darkness and shows you the true path.’ Gurus spend all their lives enlightening us, and the place we have reached in life has everything to do with how they showed us the right path.


​Guru Purnima Special


While they have devoted everything and touched our lives, it is the rightful duty of every student to give something back to our Gurus. You can express gratitude in the best way by giving them sound financial advice so they can spend their golden years in the best possible way!


If your Guru is over 60 years of age, they might be retired or will retire soon to spend their years with their family. While they never ask for gifts, the best possible gift you can offer them is an acknowledgment and appreciation of how deeply they have cared for us.


As a token of your appreciation, you can also help them set up an investment that will support them in their age and provide them timely returns at suitable intervals. These are some of the eligible Investment Options for Senior Citizen which can help them multiply their savings and grow their corpus for years to come:


Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY)
It is a recently introduced pension scheme provided by The Government of India. Contrary to other pension schemes in the market, the returns received on the investment is not offered on the basis of age. Individuals can easily choose the preferred tenure of returns and get guaranteed returns on investment.


With the help of PMVVY, senior citizens can now invest an amount up to INR 15 lakhs and get monthly returns of INR 10,000 per month and INR 5,000 if INR 7.5 lakhs have been invested in the scheme with a benefit of 8% rate of returns. The interest amount received under the PMVVY scheme is subsidized by the government, thereby making the investment reliable; however, if you withdraw the investment prematurely, you will only get 98% of your invested amount back.


Fixed Deposits
Senior Citizens have found Fixed Deposits the most reliable form of investment since a long time. Especially now, Banks and NBFCs have started providing Fixed Deposits with versatile features. Bajaj Finance is one such NBFC that provides FDs for Senior Citizens that are the best in class.


Not only does it have the highest returns at an 8.75% interest rate, but it is also the most secure category of FD which has been rate FAAA by Crisil and MAAA by ICRA. Furthermore, you can even get timely interest payment as pension by choosing non-cumulative FDs.


The best part about the facility is that the complete process of investing in the FD can be completed online without any need of paperwork during application. Contrary to PMVVY, if you invest INR 15 lakhs in Bajaj Finserv FD, your maturity amount will be INR 21,36,000 with an interest of INR 6,36,000. Accordingly, you can get a regular return of INR 35,600 every month. However, you can also use the FD Calculator to deduce the return on your investment.


You can genuinely support your Guru by helping him set up an FD for getting the best out of his funds and making his old age indeed a golden period.



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