On-Page SEO Techniques in 2018 to Rank First on Google Search

Posted by Santanu Santanu | Posted on July 15, 2018

Searching for the latest On-Page SEO Techniques in 2018 to rank your website first in Google?


Everyone is targeting to get the top position of Google search results. But do you think it is so easy to rank your brand new website on Google in 2018?


I know there is no such guaranteed procedure which we can follow and easily rank a website higher on Google search. But there are certain best practices through which one can get their website to come up first on Google.


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In this article we will learn about various such On-Page SEO Techniques. These will help your website to gradually grow and outrank other sites and one day rank #1 in the SERP.


What are On-Page SEO Techniques?


In simple terms, optimizing your website content as per the norms of search engine to rank better is called On-Page SEO. Means you will take care of various things while preparing your content which is helpful for readers as well as search engines like Google, Bing etc.


The other side of SEO is Off page SEO, which will mostly concentrate on link building, social share, brand promotion etc.


If you put your entire effort on building off page SEO, without focusing on On-Page SEO factors, then you will never be able to rank first in Google.


In fact single On-Page SEO is enough for a website to rank in Google, in case you target a low competition keyword.


I have read many zero link building case studies where bloggers were mostly concentrating on high quality articles keeping all the On-Page SEO Techniques handy. It is about ranking a website just depending up on the power of On-Page SEO Techniques.


OnPage SEO Techniques to Get Top Ranking for Your Website in 2018


These are very simple and easy to follow techniques which one should follow while creating their web pages or articles. Spend enough time to understand them and practice them gradually so that it becomes your habit in the long run.


1. SEO Optimized Titles:


Title plays the biggest role in getting your article indexed for a particular search term or keyword. Whatever is your main keyword, you have to make sure that it is placed in the beginning naturally.


E.g. for this article I kept “On-Page SEO Techniques” in the beginning. I can also try below title for this topic


⇒  How to rank your website in Google using the new OnPage SEO Techniques
⇒  Which OnPage SEO Techniques are going to work in 2018
⇒  Top 10 recommended OnPage SEO Techniques that you should know before starting a blog in 2018


But, I have opted a title like OnPage SEO Techniques in 2018 followed by some more text to get the maximum benefits.


2. Write Engaging Meta Description:


Meta description is still one of the most powerful information to get ranked in Google. But make sure you are not simply stuffing keywords there. Mainly write something which will help user to click your article compared to your competitors. This will help your article’s CTR and in return better ranking with time.


3. SEO Friendly URLs:


URL structure or permalink always plays a vital role in SEO. Try to make sure your url is crisp and understandable without stuffing useless words. E.g. I kept only OnPage SEO Techniques in the url to make this article.


You can keep other words also to make it long tail specific, but as I saidwhen short is good enough to get the context of the article, why to spend more words!


4. Using of Tags:


By Tags,I am referring header tags here. They are like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 etc. Make sure your article heading always starts with H1 tag. This setting is always done within your theme when you are using aprofessional SEO friendly theme like thrive themes, Genesis framework etc.


Besides that, make sure you are using other tags as well wherever possible. With tags you can make your content more structured and improve readability.


5. Keywords & LSI Keywords in H2 & H3 Tags:


Keywords are very much important and effective as well in case you put them in proper places and mainly where search engine bots are expecting. So make sure you are putting the main keyword and all its related terms in the various tags and increase the length of the article gradually.


6. Optimized Image Names & Alternate Tag:


Image optimization is a very crucial part of SEO from age old days. But still people are doing this mistake in hurry of publishing the post. Simply make sure that your image name should be with the main keyword, put the keyword in your image alt tags as well.


After that make sure you use any of the online image compression tools and do the compression to reduce the size. A light weight image will help your website page to load faster, means your site will be loved by search engines.


7. Internal Linking to Pass on SEO Juice:


Your blog or website itself is a place to start building your links. Yes, just write related topic articles and internally link them to each other with keyword anchor text.


This will simply distribute the link juice of your good page to rest of the website and hence increase the domain authority of the blog. We all know the importance of domain authority in getting ranking boost.


8. Primary Keywords in first and last 100 words:


This is a very simple but most effective OnPage SEO Techniques among all. Simply start your article with the main keyword and try to end the same with the keyword. But make sure to make it naturally fit, without disturbing the readability. If you try to play, then anyone can understand the trick.


9. Mobile Friendly website:


This is a simple zero tolerance criteria as per modern website design. You have to make sure your website loads smoothly and fit with any kind of mobile device screen size.


Again I will say that, go with any professional WordPress theme developer like Genesis child themes and buy any theme from them as per your niche. They are providing only mobile optimized themes as per industry standard.


10. Improve Website Speed:


This is another key factor of getting faster ranking in Google. It’s clear that however good content you write and how well you keep OnPage SEO Techniques handy, if your page loads slow then it will lose the attention and at the same time loose search rankings.


So try to make your website load faster by following simple things like installing a cache plugin, don’t use heavy themes, use optimized images etc.




Do you think these are enough for you to start optimizing your website to improve ranking in Google or any other search engine? I know that there are many advance OnPage SEO Techniques as well, but if you don’t know the basics of OnPage SEO then there is no point to discuss on the advanced things here.


Please share your experience or any tips regarding this topic OnPage SEO Techniques in 2018 to make this article more helpful for the readers.



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