Lower Lake

Lower Lake

The Lower Lake is situated toward the east of the Upper Lake. An earthen dam differentiates the two lakes. The two lakes are built in a terraced way; the least level of the Upper Lake is just beneath the highest level of the Lower Lake.

Built in the 11th century these two urban water bodies are together called as Bhoj Wetland, which is currently a Ramsar site. They are considered as a real wellspring of drinkable water for the residents of the city, serving around 40% of the occupants with about 30 million gallons every day. Development was commissioned by Chote Khan, a minister of Nawab Hayat Muhammad Khan Bahadur.

Situated in the peaceful and serene surroundings of majestic hills and the massive Upper Lake, the Lower Lake is a wonderful remainder of the considerable Mugal Empire. It is differentiated from the Upper Lake by an over-bridge is called “Pul Pukhta” or Lower Lake Bridge. The lower lake has additionally been said as “Pukhta-Pul Talao” in writing.

The aesthetic appeal of the lake is improved by the brilliant Kamala garden. The MP Tourism Boat Club offers energizing outings with paddle boats, sail and motor boats over the Lower Lake for adventure lovers. Lower Lake, alongside the Upper Lake, gives this city the title of ‘City of Lakes’.

Useful for: Nature Lovers Experience Seekers

Visit duration: 30 minutes to 60 minutes


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