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Munnar is a standout amongst the most famous hill resort towns in Kerala, South India. Munnar is placed on the Western Ghats, situated in the Idukki district, 1600 m above sea level. We can witness the nature’s beauty getting it done here. Exquisite Clouds at Munnar invigorates our mind and restore our spirit.

Munnar is the heavenly place which offers the complete superb joy and you can stroll inside its atmost joy.

The name Munnar is accepted to signify “three rivers”, alluding to the area at the conversion of the Madhurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly rivers.

A considerable lot of its attractions are to be found on its edge, inside a range of 30 km from the town. All these spots are some piece of the Munnar experience, and are connected to it by neighborhood transport, taxis and cars along a system of superb streets.

Arriving at Munnar

By roadway : Through bus and car services, its best available to Munnar. Idukki is the closest bus station at a distance of 60km.

By rail : Through railways the closest stations available are Aluva, Angamali, Theni, and so on.


The wonderful hill station with lavish mountains and miles and miles of tea manors has shockingly yummy palette of food which are for both vegan and non-veggie lover.

The staple eating regimen in Munnar is fish and rice cooked in coconut oil which is completely Kerala style. You can taste coconut in practically all that you eat as the vast majority of the nourishment is cooked in coconut oil.the climate and physical movement on these hill help assemble a raving longing for a mixed bag of snacks like vadas, bondas and bhajis enjoyed with some tea or espresso.

For the vegans attempt the Dosa, Vada, Idli, Appam and Thali suppers on a banana leaf which are truly yummy. Furthermore for the non-vegans its a treat as you can pig out on the renowned Keralan fish-curry and Kerala hamburger sear with Kerala Porotta.

Dishes cooked here are enhanced with a horde flavors, for example, peppers, clove and nutmeg, all become generally. Separated from the standard suppers at restaurants, scrumptious road sustenance can be enjoyed at one of the Thattukadas or fast food stalls.

Munnar is fundamentally a tea developed region. We can see this delightful spot with parcel of tea manors and captivating slope stations with its velvet gardens, colorful greenery and the cool mountain air. Likewise keep in mind to purchase the corruptly delightful home made chocolates.

Tea is the best thing to purchase in Munnar. This world renowned drink has been become and developed in Munnar since Britishers began to do so. Munnar has been honored with one the world’s best tea homes which create fine mixed bags of tea including the Black (matured) tea, Green (unfermented) tea and Oolong (semi-aged) tea.

In Munnar, The twelve assortments of flavors including ginger, garlic, cardamom, vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, espresso, tea, clove and nutmeg are developed. On the off chance that you visit Munnar then you must purchase the flavors become here to get the best freshness and fragrance at whatever point you utilize them.

Home-made Chocolates
Munnar is popular for home made chocolates which are distinctive mixtures including white, dull, alcohol filled and chocolates with nuts alongside other just as delightful mixture.


Best time to visit here is all during the time particularly from August to May. A visit to the tea enclosure amid summers is pleasant.

As Munnar is a gathering point of three rivers. Similarely in Munnar we see the mixture of three culture- the British culture, the Malayalee culture and the culture of the transient Tamilians.

Individuals who moved from Tamil Nadu were persevering however they had a place with the lower class and the greater part of them were uneducated. Their just moto was earning their employment.

The primary entertainment of the populace of Munnar is cinema. These days the quantities of TV viewers are on the increment. Absence of sufficient play areas influences the accomplishments in games. Because of absence of preparing and play areas, numerous skilled sportsmen are nonappearance of any remarkable accomplishment in this field. The real issues confronted by Munnar are the absence of overall orchestrated libraries, the absence of educational establishments, the absence of open parks and play areas.


Munnar is not a customers heaven and you wont find a lot of people enormous brands/Shopping Malls here.

Munnar Main Market is the principle shopping range.

You may purchase Ayurvedic wellbeing things, mixed bags of tea, espresso, flavors like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and pepper, and home made chocolates.


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