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Kolkata, India, has been nicknamed the City of Palaces furthermore the City of Joy. City of Palaces originates from the various palatial chateaus manufactured everywhere throughout the city and City of Joy originates from the friendly and well disposed and loving behavior of every last one of residents everywhere throughout the spots making the city all the more exuberant and agreeable.

Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal which was the capital of India amid British sovereign. It is spotted on the east bank of the Hooghly River. The city of Kolkata is the third most crowded metropolitan range in India and the thirteenth most crowded urban region on the planet. The city is additionally named the eighth biggest urban agglomeration on the planet. While the city’s name was constantly maintained “Kolkata” in the nearby Bengali language, its official English name was changed from “Calcutta” to “Kolkata” in 2001, reflecting the Bengali articulation. Some view this as an issue to eradicate the legacy of British standard.

How to reach
It is completely accessible by air. There are a number of domestic airlines that connect Kolkata with other major cities of India. Kolkata is well linked to other parts of the country by railways. The city of joy is well linked with almost all the cities of India by road.



Key components of Kolkata’s food include rice and macherjhol (fish curry), with Rasgulla as dessert. Bengal’s limitless collection of fish-based dishes incorporate variouseelish(hilsa) a most loved among Bengalis like eelishshorshebata, eelishbhap and eelish-erpaturi. Street foods like rolls which are lamb rolls , egg rolls , chicken rolls , and frequently in the Park Circus area – hamburger roll and phuchka are extremely prominent. Basic backups to Phuchka are things dishes like Churmur, Ghugni. A Bengali supper is inadequate without desserts. Famous desserts incorporate Roshogolla, mishtidoi (sweet curd), langcha, Kheerkadam, sandesh, rajbhog, Kamalabhog, and so on.



Kolkata holds numerous festivals as the year progressed. Significant festivals incorporate Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Kolkata Book Fair. Durga Puja and Kali Puja, which are held in harvest time consistently, offers brilliant pandals, brightening statues of Hindu goddess Durga and Kali and fireworks. Kolkata Book Fair is held toward the end of January consistently. It is the greatest social celebration of the city. Different Festivals incorporate Dolyatra, Ratha Yatra, Saraswati Puja, Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha, Christmas, Dover Lane Music Festival andkolkata International Film Festival and so forth.

Bengali New Year : The Bengali New Year or “Poila Baisakh” that is the first day of the month of Baisakh, is commended around 15 April on the premise of the lunar logbook of Bangabda. It is praised by social projects all through Kolkata.




Discussing Kolkata top travel time, it can be said that Winter, which keeps going from October to March is as far as anyone knows the most charming time of the year and the best time to visit Kolkata, with cool climate and festivals adding to the excellence of this season. Not only the climate is pleasant, but, it is the time of festivities. Durga puja is a festival that is commended with incredible pageantry and show.

Kolkata is a Capital of Culture in India. It has long been known for its scholarly, artistic and revolutionary legacy. As the previous capital of India, entire West Bengal was the origin of modern Indian scholarly, creative and literary thought. Kolkata is really a city of ability and enthusiasm, where individuals are exuberant and have an excitement to live life to the fullest.

Bengalis are exceptionally partial to music. Infact, on the off chance that you go about going to houses in the area, you’ll see that there is an aspiring singer in almost every home. Bengalis adoration to enjoy yummy food. Infact, each feast winds up with a few delectable sweets. For individuals who love eating junk food, Kolkata  is simply a well-suited spot.



Maidan Market :

This enormous Market is put on the Bentinck Street. Here, you can get numerous sorts of games equipment, comprehensible, in the ‘City of Joy’. The market is open throughout the week. Sports particular shoes and clothing types can likewise be found here.


New  Market  (Sir Stuart Hogg Market) :

New Market, otherwise called Hogg’s Market, is Kolkata’s most established and most well known market. It’s got in excess of 2,000 stalls and is a deal seeker’s joy. In the nighttimes, road sellers come to offer cheap jewelry and eye catching bags out the front of the market. Simply be arranged for the crowds. It is spotted at Lindsay Street, just off Chowringhee Road.


Shreeram Arcade :

This market is acclaimed for materials, readymade pieces of clothing, electronic things, and so forth and. This market is spread in excess of four stories and is furnished with container lifts and sparkling fountains that make shopping a pleasurable experience. It is put opposite Light House Cinema in Chowringhee zone close to the focal transport point, Esplanade.


Burrabazar Market :

This market is set on the MG Road of Kolkata and has the qualification of being the most seasoned wholesale/retail market of this city. In the event that one is looking to purchase items, for example, textiles, cereals, food grains, spices, dry fruits, edible oils, sugar, salt and different foodstuffs at wholesale costs, this is the spot to drop in at.


Dakshinapan Market :

This market is an intricate multistory commercial center that houses different state emporiums from where you can get genuine handlooms, textiles, handicrafts, imitation jewelry, fancy goods, and so forth. The market is spotted connecting the Nazrul Mancha, close to the Dhakuria flyover.


Gariahat Market :

In the event that one in proficient in the bargaining, then this is the market to visit, where all things, right from textiles to readymade garments and electronic gadgets can be found under one top at debatable costs. Other than this, the alternative shops spotted on the walkways provide for it an old world appeal. It is set on Rash Behari Avenue and Gariahat Road Crossing.


College Street Market :

This market is otherwise called the Book Market and is a demonstration of the broad perusing society of the populace of this city. Other than this, one can likewise purchase calfskin products, footwear, saris, musical instruments, and so on from here. As the name predicts, the market is put at College Street.


Chowringhee Lane :

One name you can right away take up with shopping in Kolkata must be Chowringhee Lane. Frequently called the life saver of what is affectionately named the City of Joy is this spot saturated with history as well as keeps on being a standout amongst the most lively parts of the nation.

Interfacing acclaimed spots like Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Birla Planetarium, this street is also a must visit with regard to Kolkata’s heritage.



South City Mall and Forum Mall are a standout amongst the most frequented and famous shopping centers in Kolkata. Given the various restaurants, cafes, hangout places and designer labels, you are not going to get bored anytime soon.




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