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Bhopal is the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is otherwise called the Lake City for its various natural as well as artificial lakes and is one of the greenest urban areas in India. Bhopal city is settled more than seven hills along the banks of two wonderful lakes. The remainders of the brilliant past live on in the havelis, terrific mosques and the historical centers. The heavenly city of the Nawabs, Bhopal is a juncture of the rich forms of art, tradition and culture. Bhopal is a center of the folk and tribal arts that give a vibe of town life in the state. Other than all these, Bhopal is acclaimed for the well known cave paintings, which are significant for their aesthetic values as well as for their ethnicity.

Bhopal vacation destinations are prevalent for their historical importance and greatness. The persevering old appeal and engaging contemporary culture of Bhopal helps you to experience the twin exteriors of the city, which is both fascinating and engaging. The age old landmarks, bedazing mosques, eminent royal residences and different landmarks outline the rich history of Bhopal.

The city was considered and established by Raja Bhoja around the 11th century AD. Despite the fact that the city of Bhopal is modernizing at an increasing speed, regardless it has figured out how to keep its past glory.

Bhopal is an imperative economic, industrial, educational and political focus of the State and additionally Central India and houses different institutions and installations of state as well as some of national importance.



Bhopali dishes and food in Bhopal are similarly mellow, less spicy and extraordinary in taste. Nearby and singular varieties of different famous snacks and food can be discovered offering around the city. Bhopali food has an expansive assortment of non-vegan dishes, including BhopaliMurghRezala, PaneerRezala, BhopaliGosht Korma, Keemas, Rogan josh , Murgh Hara Masala Rice and MurghNizami, Spicy achargost, Biryani pilaf, Succulent kababs, Pulaos.

The most real type of Bhopal Cuisine can be best tasted at the inner Chowks of the city which are lined with shops offering the best curries and kebabs.

Poha (made of rice) and Jalebi, sweet samosa and biryani are famous in Old Bhopal yet they can’t be said as speciality of bhopal. Bhopal is popular for its chaat and thali (full meal) in bhopal. In spite of the fact that, it’s not a food but rather bhopalipaanis likewise extremely popular.

There are likewise various beverages which are extraordinary in the Bhopal Cuisine. The Buttermilk and the Sugarcane juice are two of most loved beverages in Bhopal. Bhopal additionally has its own particular neighborhood type of alcohol called the Sulfi which is produced using the blossoms of the mahua tree.


Diwali and Eid are major festivals in Bhopal. Gifts and desserts are traded and donations are made to poor people. Diwali is praised by worshiping the riches goddess Lakshmi. Eid is special too. Bhopali culture is such that both Hindus and Muslims visit one another on their particular celebrations to welcome and trade desserts. Amid Ganesh puja and Durga Puja (Navratras), symbols of Ganesh and Durga are built up in jhankis all through the city. Toward the end of Navratras, upon the arrival of Vijayadashami (or Dussehra), enormous models of Ravan are burnt in different parts of the city.

Bhopal Ijtema is a yearly Muslim world preachers congregation, is held at Ghasipura 11 km from Bhopal. The gathering is said to be one of the biggest Islamic congregation other than Hajj at Mecca in Saudi Arabia and “BishwaIjtima” at Tongi in Bangladesh. The annual congregation near Bhopal draws between 500,000 to 1,000,000 Muslims from all over the globe. Consistently AlamiTablighiIjtima is commended for three days in the city of Bhopal. All the people in Bhopal enjoy the fair that is organized during the Ijtima with much fun and frolic.


Because of the impact of calm atmosphere, the climate here remains fairly tolerable throughout the year. However, to experience the best of the city, it is best encouraged to visit Bhopal amid the winter months of November to February when the climate is sufficiently favorable to enjoy outdoors and touring. Unlike summers, the chilling days of the season urges you to venture out and experience the genuine magnificence of the region. In spite of the fact that the evenings can get nippy now and again, you will without a doubt appreciate the cool wind of the season. Amid the rainy season, which is in the middle of June and October, the city gets moderate precipitation and the nature is in full bloom.

Bhopal Art and Culture are exceptional in their own particular right and speak of a rich legacy and past of the area. The most striking element about Bhopal Art and Culture is the balance it keeps up in the middle of Hindu and Muslim Cultures. The most noticeable components of Bhopal Art and Culture are its Chowks lined with old mosques and havelis. The city depicts an uncommon amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim art styles.

Bharat Bhavan is the fundamental cultural centre of the city. It has a art display, an outside amphitheater confronting the Upper Lake, two different theaters and a tribal museum.

Rabari house is one of the social showcases at IGRMS under Indian government’s Ministry of Culture.

The city is renowned for its culture of parda (cloak for ladies), zarda (tobacco plant), garda and namarda (eunuch). Each festival in bhopal considered deficient without Eunuchs. Eunuchs frame a basic piece of bhopali culture.

LANGUAGES: There are numerous prevalent and spoken languages in bhopal, yet the most broadly talked dialect is Hindi. However, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi and Sindhi are additionally basic.


Bhopal shopping is an energizing and immersing thought. The two main shopping areas in Bhopal are the New Market in TT Nagar and the Chowk in the old city. These market areas offer a mixed bag of beautiful things. You will get totally befuddled in respect to what you ought to purchase and what you ought to leave out. The Bazaars in Bhopal are perfect for purchasing gifts and keepsakes for your dear ones back home. Also you get the best arrangement in these spots with a little bit of convincing bargaining.

The MP government’s Mrignayani emporium and the handiworks emporium are the quintessential handiwork showrooms to get souvenirs, keepsakes and charming knick knacks. Other critical items here are raw silk fabric and attire, tussar and Chanderi silk. The Women’s Co-operation Zari Center, Pir Gate, is another handicraft focus that offers items unpredictably adorned by fine zari work and amazing chiffon saris. Other essential produce is the fine tussar silks, trademark of Bhopal.


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