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We Indians never forget to add north in our travel diaries. After all, north is an amazing place to visit. Its cities, its culture, its tradition, everything mark it different. And Allahabad definitely strikes our mind when we talk about north India. So let me give you a brief about that place.


This place is in Uttar Pradesh and is also known as Prayag. It is one of the most populous cities in the state. You would also like to know that it is the second oldest city in India and plays a very important role in Hindu scriptures.


Allahabad has hosted many cultural and sporting events like Kumbh Mela and Indira Marathon. The city was originally known as Prayag because it is the place where Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers meet. As we know, Allahabad is a very important city in our Indian culture.


You would be shocked to know that Allahabad is also known as the “city of Prime Ministers“. This is because seven out of fifteen Indian Prime Ministers are strongly connected to Allahabad.



Travelling to Allahabad has got easy and quick over the years.


>>>Air transport- Allahabad is served by Allahabad airport, which is 12 kilometers from the city center. It has airports nearby also like in Varanasi, Lucknow or Kanpur.


>>>Railways- Now coming to the railways, I would like to mention that Allahabad junction is one of the main railway junctions in the northern India and is the headquarters of the North Central railway zone.


>>> Roads- Not only air and rail transport, but even road transports are available. We have got buses from Allahabad, which travels to many different places.




Okay, so let’s talk about the cuisine and talent of Allahabadi’s. North Indians are never behind. They have to first in everything. And when it comes to food, no part of India can compare to it.


Allahabad is known for its cuisine. Special Mughal is cooking as we have that it has more of Muslim population. Dum Biryani, kebabs and mutton recipes are especially of Allahabad and have elegant taste. Civil Lines is a residence for many foodies.


The local cuisine of Allahabad is commendable. You would definitely not forget it ever. And wait how can I forget the Motichoor Ladoos? It is after all another specialty of Allahabad. People who love sweet dishes would never feel like leaving the city as this city is famous for its different sweet dishes like Gulab jamuns, Kheer, Sheer Qourma and much more.


I am sure; you guys are already watering your mouth. So what is the wait for? Let’s start our journey to Allahabad.


As we all are aware that Allahabad has a legacy which is filled with art and heritage. You would like to know that Allahabad is known as the literary capital of Uttar Pradesh. Also, most of the foreign tourists always visit Allahabad. It has a lot of tourism and is a completely beautiful city. Allahabad has a tradition of political graffiti and with includes limericks and caricatures. So I am sure, all of you are already mesmerized by the beauty of Allahabad. Let’s book the tickets and get set for the trip.


Enjoy the picture of some famous food items :)




Tourists prefer visiting Allahabad during winters, so that the climate is pleasant and they can do the sightseeing peacefully. So they visit it between October and March.


The summer months in Allahabad are extremely hot and humid. And also the winter months are extremely cold.


Allahabad has extreme weather conditions. So it is better to visit it in between October and March where they can handle the weather conditions. So let’s keep our vacations free and visit Allahabad this year.



As we know, Allahabad is located in North. North Indians have an amazing way of living and therefore have a decent local life. Allahabad is one of the cities with high population. And also Allahabad has a high literacy rate in the region.


Hindi is the official state language. People in Allahabad prefer speaking in Hindi and therefore is the predominant language.


The basic occupation of Allahabad is tourism, fishing and agriculture.


Coming to sports, people prefer playing cricket and hockey over all other sports. They spend their weekend and other holidays enjoying these sports.


People in Allahabad are very well spoken and make you feel comfortable as well. They all follow the laws strictly as they are all literate. Women prefer to wear Indian attire. You will find wearing western as well as Indian attire.




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