Visiting Pune? Go Offbeat this Time!

Posted by Shubhi Gupta | Posted on September 2, 2016

If Pune had parents, then we’d pick Delhi and Bangalore to be the mother and father, respectively. Of course, minus the show-off of Delhi, and traffic of Bangalore. This Maharashtrian city is one of India’s most important centre for higher education, as well as is a breeding ground for startups. Therefore, in Pune, majority of population is of young professionals and students. With such a populace, one can undoubtedly understand the hustle-bustle that goes on in the city, but like everyone else, you too need some time off. So instead of the regular Lonavala and Lavasa, go offbeat around Pune this time.




So you almost have your plan of visiting Pune sorted, right? The Mumbai to Pune train ticket is booked as well. But here’s a little tweaking that we suggest you to do with your travel schedule to the Oxford of India. You won’t regret even a bit, trust us!



Temples and trekking in the midst of the most picturesque views of the skyline – Lenyadri is that little bundle which has everything for almost everyone, irrespective of the caste, sex, age, taste, etc. Little lakes and an the much acclaimed Ashtavinayaka Temple make it that complete weekend getaway haven which can be enjoyed and delighted with family, friends, or like minded company.



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Ever wanted to see how exactly a turtle egg is hatched? For all wildlife and nature lovers, this place, approximately 195 km from Pune, is a perfect weekend getaway. Velas, a little town in Ratnagiri District, is renowned for the Olive Ridley turtle that visit the beach every year and lay eggs amid winter time. To witness the initial steps of baby Ridley turtle is a one of a kind experience. Furthermore, the turtle conservation centre here makes it an exceptional spot to visit close to Pune. You can also visit Vella for its beautiful beaches, Bankot fortress, tasty Konkani food and pleasant magnificence.



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Tranquil scenes and beautiful greenery, a 1000 hectare Kaas plateau is guarded and overlooked by a sixteenth century Ajinkyatara Fort from an elevation of 3300 m. Do you require more motivations for capturing this ethereal scene in your camera lens? Satara has a temple called Pateshwar with 8 caverns and 1000 shivlings in the midst of several stone cut shiva and different gods. Sounds beautiful!



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4.Bedse Caves

Bedse caves are situated around 40 Kms from Pune on the old Mumbai Pune highway. You need to climb a flight of approx 400 stairs to reach there. The caves are 2200 years old and are no less than a time machine, that take us back in history. As you begin climbing the stairs, you’d be somewhat lost in the lavish green environment around. The caves were built in a manner that it could be seen simply after one reaches the top.


Bedse caves

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5.Lonar Lake

A prominent lake in this region, this water body in Lonar is an aftereffect of a meteor that fell in this area ages back, forming a cavity. The lake has a rich verdure around and inside. There are two heritage temples that were built in the sixth and twelfth centuries here, and are a delight to visit.


Lonar Lake

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So open your laptop, enter the Indian Railway website, and book your ticket to Pune, only to visit these enchanting places that surround it. This place really is an ideal place to settle in for life!


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